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Supermax to gain from US-China trade war

Company expects 10% increase in export of medical and industrial gloves to the US.

Supermax buys assets worth RM65 mil for expansion plans

The land is located close to Maxter’s existing cluster of manufacturing plants, facilitating management control and operational synergies.

Court dismisses tycoon’s bid to return as Supermax director

Businessman Stanley Thai was convicted of insider trading last year and was jailed five years.

Supermax boss clears air on apology to Najib

Tycoon Thai says his past criticisms not targeted at Najib Razak’s administration but the policies of previous administrations and that his apology is not linked to his insider trading court case.

Supermax MD’s apology to Najib a political gimmick, says Azmin

The Selangor MB says it is unfortunate that even corporate figures can be pressured and threatened by BN.

Bos Supermax mohon maaf hanya gimik politik, kata Azmin

Menteri besar Selangor itu turut mempersoalkan tindakan bos syarikat pengeluar sarung tangan getah itu membangkitkan isu itu menjelang PRU14.

After apology from boss, Supermax stock surges

The company surged as much as 6.9% at the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

Izzah: Kami tak paksa bos Supermax sokong pembangkang

Beliau enggan mengulas permohonan maaf Pengarah Urusan Kumpulan Supermax Corp Stanley Thai kepada perdana menteri.

Bos Supermax mohon maaf kepada Najib sokong pembangkang pada PRU13

Stanley Thai berkata beliau terpengaruh propaganda pembangkang, tetapi kini sedar pentadbiran Najib mempunyai dasar ekonomi yang kukuh.

Supermax boss says sorry to Najib over support to opposition in...

Stanley Thai says he has full confidence in the current government's economic policies.

Supermax denies it is moving to Hong Kong

Managing Director Stanley Thai Kim Sim says it will invest RM100 million in high-end technology manufacturing of contact lenses and pump in RM1 billion to expand glove manufacturing.