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Tag: supply chain

Carrefour sells control of China business at a discount

Carrefour will retain a 20% stake and two seats out of seven on the China unit’s Supervisory Board, it says in a statement on Sunday.

Trade war has Intel reviewing global supply chain

Intel has already cut its revenue forecast for the full year, citing 'China headwinds.'

High costs and supply chain woes put brakes on Daimler

Model changeovers and supply bottlenecks in some markets outside Germany helped brake performance, as well as 'intense competition.'

Drugmakers stockpiling for Brexit ask, how long do we wait?

As uncertainty surrounding the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union drags on, the costs and frustration are mounting.

Modern-day slavery in the supply chain: What you can do

A report says women workers are particularly vulnerable to exploitation in certain sectors, and that 5-15% of the 5.5 million children work in forced labour.

Unilever to use JD.com to move products across China

The tie-up comes as many Western brands are pushing to expand sales to consumers beyond Chinese cities, both online and offline.

Samsung jumps on blockchain bandwagon to manage its supply chain

The system could cut shipping costs by 20%, according to SDS.

Proton tells parts suppliers to cut prices by 20%

This is to reduce production costs and enable vendors to be more competitive and become part of Geely's global supply chain.

Study needed to avoid abuse by suppliers, says Fomca

Consumer group says government agency MyCC can carry out in-depth study on supply chain and retail business, that can also raise consumer awareness on price controls.