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As a Malay, I have a right to attend, says Dr...

The prime minister also says Malays never stopped him from attending non-Malay functions.

Support for Trump’s impeachment among Americans rises to 45%

Ukraine scandal has increased public support for removal of US president from office.

Parents backing child climate activists gives them hope

Parents’ support has given space for youths to voice their fears on climate change.

Rouhani heads to UN to drum up support for Iran

Hassan Rouhani says it is essential for Iran to take part in the UN General Assembly.

Muslim group backs crackdown on Shia Muslims

The Selangor chapter of Ikram calls on authorities to act against those who try to promote Shia teachings.

Overwhelming public approval for Penang’s LRT project, says CM

Penang chief minister says fewer than 3% of almost 3,000 people who viewed the LRT plans on public display are against it.

Azmin hits out at Pasir Gudang MP for asking Mahathir to...

He says the MP should not have made such a call as the PKR leadership had expressed its stand to support Mahathir's leadership as prime minister.

Billionaire investor’s Trump support sparks membership war

Town Sports are looking to capitalise on the defections of Equinox and SoulCycle members.

198 branch leaders said to pledge support for Anwar

Their spokesman says grassroots leaders felt a need to refute claims that the party is imploding.

Sarawak PKR backs both Anwar and Azmin

More than 30 state party leaders support the status quo and urge party members to close ranks

3 signatures missing from document declaring support for Anwar

The leaders yet to sign the document are from Johor, Selangor and Sarawak.

Tennis champion Barty backs Matildas for World Cup success

Newly crowned grand slam winner Ashleigh Barty cheers on the Matildas as they play against Italy in the women's World Cup opener.

PH needs an ideological framework to regain Malay support

PH leaders are well-meaning and sincere but they cannot assume that economic benefits arising from sound economic policies can garner support from the Malay masses.

DAP man confirms tabling of bill to restore rights of Sabah,...

The Sarawak DAP chairman says all Pakatan Harapan MPs have been asked to be present at tabling of the amendment.

Special Muslim marriage court to begin operations in May

It will have the authority to confiscate the property of any man who fails to provide for his ex-wife.

PH strongly backs Mahathir as PM, says Azmin

There is no issue of a no-confidence vote against PM, he tells Dewan Rakyat.

Umno will back Dr M if needed, says Tok Mat

Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan says the party will support the prime minister in the event a vote of no confidence is put forth in Parliament.

We are behind Shafie, says Sabah DAP

With PPBM set to enter Sabah, the state DAP chairman Stephen Wong says the Warisan president should be given every chance to lead.

US lawmakers again seek to end support for Saudis in Yemen

Opponents of the resolution are reluctant to take any action to disrupt the strategic US relationship with Riyadh..

Dr M: Malay support for PH in Semenyih ‘still strong’

PPBM chairman confident PH has a very good chance of winning the Malay-majority seat in the coming by-election.

Trump voices support for Indonesia after tsunami’s ‘unthinkable devastation’

Trump joins the chorus of world leaders voicing condolences after the destructive wave struck the area with little warning.

Pecan Resist! And other anti-Trump flavours

Ben & Jerry's ice cream recently launched "PeCAN Resist!" to support anti-Trump groups.

Controversial Rakhimov’s bid to lead boxing body AIBA suffers setback

Gafur Rakhimov failed to win the necessary two-thirds support from delegates.

Umno’s Lokman, 30 others gather at MACC to show support for...

They were wearing orange T-shirts, similar to those donned by MACC suspects.