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Azmin’s lawyer shrugs off Haziq’s dare to sue over gay sex...

N Surendran says defence team will not respond to 'attention-seeking taunts'.

Pastikan polis tak jadi mangsa IPCMC, kata bekas KPN

Musa Hassan berkata, polis tidak sepatutnya dinafikan hak untuk merayu.

Ensure that police force is not victimised by IPCMC, says ex-top...

Musa Hassan says they should not be denied the right to appeal.

Call for commission of inquiry into Sedition Act abuses under Najib

Lawyers for Liberty says the use of the Sedition Act by the administration of Najib Razak was the “darkest period” for freedom of expression in the history of the nation.

Azis Jamman not fit to be deputy minister, says Surendran

LFL adviser also says Azis should read the Pakatan manifesto after deputy minister claims arrest of Umno leader's brother followed police SOP.

Group questions home ministry’s ‘paltry figure’ of 3,853 stateless Indians

Lawyers for Liberty says it is illogical to base the total number of stateless Indians on the number of applications the ministry received.

Cartoonist, ex-MP freed of sedition charges

Zunar and N Surendran are acquitted after AG's decision to withdraw the charges against them.

Jabatan Peguam Negara akan kaji semua dakwaan hasutan

Seorang peguam kerajaan berkata, kajian itu boleh dilakukan berdasarkan bukti dan dasar kerajaan baru Pakatan Harapan.

AG’s Chambers to review all sedition charges

The review will be undertaken based on evidence and the current policy of the new Pakatan Harapan government, says government lawyer.

Lawyer: Nothing petty about throwing shoe at cat

Lawyer N Surendran, who heads Malaysian Animal Rights Society, says the RM2,000 fine imposed on the offender should serve as a lesson to others.

Lawyers for stateless children say upcoming case to test PH’s promise

They question the Attorney-General's Chambers for pursuing the case despite a promise by the new government to solve the problem of stateless children.

Surendran a victim of ‘purge’ in PKR, says Paulsen

Lawyers for Liberty chief says PKR must not treat the general election like party polls by sidelining those in a different faction.

PKR GE14 list: Compromise for party unity

Previous speculation on dropped list suggests last-minute negotiations helped to keep some incumbents, including Tian Chua, in their seats.

Dr M: Well-known BN figures ready to jump ship to PH

However, PH chairman says he cannot name them yet for fear of being sued.

Lebih banyak krisis PKR selepas Surendran digugurkan

Ini selepas seorang naib presiden PKR hadapi pemindahan ke Johor dari kerusinya di Kuala Lumpur yang dimenanginya pada 2 penggal lepas.

Judges put prosecutor on spot in Surendran sedition case

Is prosecutor going against the will of Parliament since the charge is no longer an offence, says a judge.

Fake news law is a fake law, says Surendran

The Padang Serai MP says the Anti-Fake News Bill 2018 is arbitrary, oppressive and unconstitutional, akin to laws found in one-party countries like North Korea and China.

Give top student Roisah citizenship, Anwar urges Zahid

The jailed opposition leader says the home minister must resolve the case of Roisah Abdullah so that she can pursue her studies.

Court allows Speaker’s move to annul MP’s suit over 1MDB questions

Judge does not offer reason why court allowed Pandikar Amin's application to annul the judicial review application by PJ Selatan MP Hee Loy Sian.

Peguam: Penjara boleh guna budi bicara benar Dr M lawat Anwar

Surendran berkata, ia menjengkelkan dan menyakitkan hati pihak berkuasa penjara tidak membenarkan Dr Mahathir melawat Anwar.

Lawyer: Prisons has discretion to allow Dr M to visit Anwar

It is petty and objectionable not to allow the visit, says N Surendran.

Surendran slams Nur Jazlan’s ‘baseless’ criticism of US lawyer

PKR veep says Kimberley Motley made valid complaints over lack of access to Anwar Ibrahim, and Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan should have just explained why.

PKR: Pandikar wrong to disallow motion for bloc vote review

Padang Serai MP N Surendran says speaker must correct the mistaken vote tally on the budget vote and reverse ruling that he has a discretion to refuse a bloc vote.

‘More Tamil-speakers in NRD can help stateless Indian issue’

PKR VP N Surendran, DAP's P Ramasamy and MyDaftar coordinator Siva Subramaniam, say NRD also needs to be more proactive and reduce red-tape.