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Tag: Surendran

Surendran applies to have sedition charge dropped

The charge against him was a form of interference with his duties as a lawyer, done in bad faith, and affected the process of justice.

MPs say CPC will give more powers to govt in courts

Padang Serai MP N Surendran says Sect 98 of Criminal Procedure Code has been abused many times to restrict peaceful assembly and was also used during Bersih 3.0 rally.

‘Travel ban for criticising govt undemocratic’

It is an abuse of power, says Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo on Immigration Department barring people from travelling overseas if they criticise the government.

Anwar fights for his right to vote

Opposition leader sends legal note to EC saying that provisions in the Federal Constitution allow him to vote.

Wednesday decision on Anwar’s royal pardon

Meanwhile a campaign called “A million signatures to free Anwar” has taken off, appealing to the King to free the opposition leader from prison.

Surendran: No room to debate government policies

The government's policy in the Dewan Rakyat does not encourage debate, scrutiny or criticism.

Sedition charges affecting Anwar’s legal team

The Attorney-General should urgently drop Surendran's sedition charges as it is affecting the right of the lawyer, says Lawyers for Liberty.

N. Surendran mengaku tidak bersalah

Beliau didakwa memberi kenyataan bahawa kes liwat II Anwar Ibrahim adalah konspirasi politik Perdana Menteri

17 lodge police reports against Surendran

They allege that he claimed Najib was responsible for fixing an early date for Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy 2 appeal.

Legitimacy of Khalid’s tenure questioned again

Although Khalid is hanging on tooth and nail to his Menteri Besar's post, the law clearly states he must go.

Archived: ‘Police wrong in Aminulrasyid shootout’

Lawyers urges Attorney General to re-open the case and review the court of appeal's decision.

Archived: Mukhriz, Najib ticked off over Bujang Valley

PKR veep N Surendran hits out at Kedah MB Mukhriz Mahathir and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for their indifferent attitude in preserving the historical site

Police under fire over deaths in custody

Three deaths within 11 days has tarnished the image of the police and these deaths are widely viewed as corrupt and brutal.

Name the three, Zahid told

PKR gives the defence minister 24 hours to reveal the opposition leaders purportedly behind the Sabah intrusion.

Pakatan distance itself from burn-Lynas threat

Pakatan Rakyat leaders say they do not condone violence and destruction of property.

Bersih 3.0 rally: Rasah PKR leader charged

R Thanggam was also charged with breaching a court order obtained by the police last week against gathering at Dataran Merdeka.

Glenmarie killings: Hisham riles MPs with short reply

The opposition takes a swipe at Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein for his response to the shooting of the three teenagers at Glenmarie last year.