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Survey shows Sarawak youths happy with state govt, says minister

Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah says the youths are passionate about protecting the state’s rights.

Mahathir remains Malaysia’s most admired man, says study

Singer Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin is Malaysia’s most admired woman for the second year running, followed by Mahathir's wife, Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali.

Study finds PTPTN loans are indispensable for higher studies

It also says more than half of people interviewed are willing to repay their loans.

16% in KL survey financially worse off in last 12 months

The high cost of living and poor wage growth are among the factors cited in UCSI Poll Research Centre’s consumer sentiment index.

Brits bedding down less in 21st Century

They found the steepest decline among over 25s and those who are married or living together.

US social media users sticking with services

Instagram and Snapchat showed strong followings among young adults.

Rural folk happier than those in urban areas, study shows

Survey reveals more than half of 'happy' local authorities are district councils.

Think tank denies controversial survey part of any political agenda

The Centre for Governance and Political Studies says there is no way it could have known the recent by-elections would result in the political pacts that followed.

Groups, politicians voice concern over racial bias in private sector hiring

They say recruitment should be based on merit and not on racial considerations, with some suggesting the introduction of an equal opportunity law.

Survey shows Malays, Indians face discrimination in getting jobs

Chinese candidates for private sector jobs obtain more callbacks than their Malay and Indian peers combined, shows survey by Centre for Governance and Political Studies.

Emerging economies catching up in smartphone adoption

It was found that in advanced economies, large majorities who owns a smartphone are under the age of 35.

I want to buy and I am ready to buy now

Read on about what a recent survey revealed about the buying sentiments of 3,000 people.

Emerging Asia market rebound in sight with China, trade caveats

Malaysia’s ringgit was their favourite of eight regional currencies, while for bonds, China was the top pick.

Cabinet to get report on toll study in May

Independent accredited audit consultant will be appointed by works ministry next month.

Whose figures do we believe?

We have no way of knowing whose study is more authentic or reliable but something stinks.

Malaysians divided over third car project, survey reveals

A poll by YouGov shows that 38% are in favour of a new national car, while 25% oppose the project and the remaining 37% are unsure.

Millennials willing to give up booze and sex for chance to...

The survey also revealed how this demographic prepares for their holidays.

Japan space robots start asteroid survey

The rover mission marks the world's first moving, robotic observation of an asteroid surface.

Filipinos’ trust in Duterte falls to lowest level, survey shows

SWS surveyed 1,200 people at the end of June, in a week when Duterte called God "stupid" during a verbal assault on the Catholic Church.

We’ll focus on small graft cases too, not just big ones,...

The prime minister says the government has not taken action against BN leaders involved in smaller corruption cases as it was focused on big cases.

Post-GE14, consumers more confident but worry about jobs

Survey attributes it to post-election optimism and zero-rating of GST.

On Merdeka eve, optimism flying high, survey shows

Study by IIU academic finds 95% of respondents proud to be Malaysians.

Vienna tops Melbourne as world’s most liveable city

Vienna regularly tops a larger ranking of cities by quality of life compiled by consulting firm Mercer. It is the first time it has topped the EIU survey, which began in its current form in 2004.

‘Rafizi, remember when Invoke predicted PAS wouldn’t win a seat?’

PKR leader hits out at Rafizi Ramli, questioning the accuracy of his research outfit.