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Sushi Ryu’s RM500 plus omakase dinner

Is it worth your money to spend RM500 or more for a Japanese omakase dinner for two?

Sushi Kitchen KL: Now even vegans can enjoy Japanese cuisine

It's not just the lack of fish at this restaurant that will leave you speechless; these meals aim to help you imbibe better eating habits.

‘Ayahku Tukang Masak’: A Ramadan to remember at Trace

Replicating the familiar sight of fearless dads braving the fires of the grill at family feasts, Trace brings you a Ramadan of delectable 'kampung' classics.

Hands down this Japanese restaurant gets a ‘Ten’

Ten Japanese Restaurant at Marc Residence is fine dining at its best.

Lonely Planet ranks the top 500 food experiences in the world

A lofty list that ranks the top 500 gastronomic experiences from around the world.

Pelanggan terkejut dihidang sushi siput hidup tetapi sedap

Pelanggan itu muat naik status menyatakan makanan itu antara yang sushi terbaik pernah dinikmatinya.

Normal to charge Chinese New Year tax, says sushi shop

'We have no intention of cheating our customers; we are Buddhists,' it says, stating that prices of veggies go up during the festive season.

Woman forced to pay ‘Chinese New Year tax’ in her sushi...

Sushi outlet in Penang charges 10% on top of 10% service charge and 6% GST on customer's bill for Chinese New Year, citing increase in prices of goods.