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Adrift in Malaysia, Burmese Muslim refugees in desperate cry for recognition

Forgotten community suffers from officially sanctioned persecution and violence in Myanmar and lack of help in Malaysia, says support group.

Suu Kyi calls for peace in speech which avoids Rohingya crisis

Suu Kyi has called for cooperation between nations to seek peace and mutual prosperity.

Suu Kyi loses yet another award — Freedom of City...

She has already been stripped of her honorary Canadian citizenship and her Amnesty International's 'Ambassador of Conscience Award'.

Rohingya crisis besieges Suu Kyi at Singapore summit

Suu Kyi's reticence on the issue has cut her adrift from the global rights community including the United Nations, whose investigators say last year's Myanmar army campaign amounted to genocide.

Pence: Myanmar jailing of Reuters pair ‘deeply troubling’

Myanmar nationals, the journalists were charged under the draconian state secrets act after meeting police who handed them documents.

Suu Kyi beckons investors to Myanmar despite troubles

A tangle of investment laws, a weakening currency, high inflation, widespread corruption and conflict have chipped away at an economy that was hoped to take off in 2016.

Myanmar may lose EU trade privileges over Rohingya abuse

The EBA deal, giving duty-free and tariff-free access to the EU market for all products except weapons and ammunition, was reinstated for Myanmar in 2013 to support political reforms as it moved towards democracy after decades of military rule.

Mahathir: Suu Kyi has changed, we don’t support her

Prime minister says Suu Kyi has not done anything to stop the injustice to the Rohingya in Myanmar.

Former columnist jailed for ‘abusive’ posts on Suu Kyi

Myanmar has already faced widespread condemnation for infringing on freedom of expression following the jailing earlier this month of two Reuters journalists who reported on the Rohingya crisis.

Suu Kyi defends court decision to jail Reuters reporters

Suu Kyi, once garlanded as a global rights champion, has come under intense pressure to use her moral authority inside Myanmar to defend the pair.

UN teams given first access to Myanmar’s Rakhine

Once considered a pro-democracy and human rights icon, Suu Kyi's reputation globally is in tatters for failing to stand up for the Muslim minority.

Anwar slams Suu Kyi, China’s Muslim camps in HK interview

PKR's president-elect makes strong statement against abuse of Muslim minorities.

Myanmar president and Suu Kyi confidant Htin Kyaw resigns

Myanmar's President Htin Kyaw resigned suddenly on Wednesday leaving the country's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi without a close confidant and political ally as she faces rising international opprobrium over the Rakhine crisis.

Bid to prosecute Aung San Suu Kyi in Australia rejected

A group of five Australian lawyers have filed a private application in the Melbourne Magistrates Court seeking to prosecute her over the treatment of the Muslim-minority Rohingya.

Protesters take aim at Southeast Asia leaders in Sydney

Thousands have demonstrated in the city against a raft of grievances on the sidelines of an Australia-Asean special summit, where Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has vowed to tackle human rights issues.

Suu Kyi jadi tetamu Sultan Brunei

Ia sempena 50 tahun Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah menaiki takhta.

Rohingya: Dunia menunggu reaksi kamu, Malala Yousafzai beritahu Suu Kyi

Pemenang termuda Hadiah Keamanan Nobel itu mempersoalkan sikap membisu Aung San Suu Kyi yang pernah memenangi hadiah sama.

PBB dapat laporan harian Rohingya dibunuh, dirogol di Myanmar

Ravina berkata, PBB bimbang keadaan di Rakhine akan bertambah buruk dan tidak terkawal yang seterusnya menjadikan ia lokasi terbaik untuk melahirkan pelampau keganasan.

Suu Kyi berdepan tentangan pelampau, sentimen anti-Rohingya, kata majalah Myanmar

Majalah isu semasa Myanmar itu menempelak sikap Najib yang menyalahkan Suu Kyi, dan menambah ikon demokrasi itu mendapat tentangan sami pelampau dan ahli politik Arakan.

Suu Kyi janji ‘perdamaian’ dalam krisis Rohingya

Berucap dalam lawatannya di Singapura, penerima hadiah Nobel keamanan itu berkata Myanmar yang mempunyai rakyat pelbagai bangsa perlu mencapai kestabilan untuk menarik lebih ramai pelabur.

Suu Kyi lawat Singapura

Ia di sebalik kritikan antarabangsa terhadap ikon demokrasi itu kerana berdiam diri terhadap serangan ke atas Rohingya.

Kenapa diam bila Rohingya dibunuh, Kit Siang soal Suu Kyi

Sikap berdiam diri Suu Kyi di kala penduduk Rohingya dibunuh dengan kejam tidak boleh diterima, kata pemimpin DAP itu.

Suu Kyi: Myanmar not trying to hide anything in Rakhine, investigating

"We are trying to get to the root of the matter," Suu Kyi told the news conference, adding everybody had to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

Asian MPs urge probe of reported abuses as envoys visit troubled...

It also called on the military to allow aid workers and journalists access to affected areas in order to provide humanitarian assistance and document developments.