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Tag: Suzuki

Suzuki in domestic recall of 2 mln vehicles

Last week, Suzuki admitted that an internal review had uncovered a host of problems at its factories.

Toyota, Suzuki charge up partnership for electric cars

Toyota is a leader in hybrid technology and is investing heavily in automated driving, while Suzuki specialises in affordable compact cars.

Mazda, Suzuki, Yamaha Motor carried out improper testing

The findings were the results of internal investigations ordered at Japanese auto makers by the ministry after improper testing at Subaru Corp and Nissan Motor Co.

Suzuki gives 2019 Vitara a subtle facelift

After the recent announcement of a 30th anniversary Vitara, Suzuki has now revealed details of a refreshed version of the Vitara for the 2019 model year.

To spite Harley, Trump may have to turn to foreign bike...

He’d almost certainly have to work with Harley’s foreign foes to fill the void, and none has stepped forward to announce any such negotiations.

10 problems with Malaysian motorcyclists

Because they're every local driver's pet peeve.

DRB-Hicom awaits foreign bids for Proton partnership

Company hopes to complete selection of foreign strategic partner by the first half of this year.

Sorotan 2016: Proton 4, Perodua 1

Tahun 2016 menyaksikan kemerosotan jualan dan masalah kewangan Proton yang berterusan, namun pengeluar kereta nasional itu tampil berani dengan 4 model baharu.

Suzuki ‘sukar kerjasama’ dengan Proton selepas ketiadaan Dr M

Ini kerana pengerusi Suzuki mempunyai hubungan peribadi dengan bekas perdana menteri yang mengasaskan Proton itu.