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Vietnam culls 2.5 million pigs to halt African swine fever outbreak

The virus, which is deadly to pigs, has spread to farms in 58 of the country's 63 provinces.

Risk of pig carnage isn’t scaring this US$3 billion pork producer

Thailand produces more than 2 million hogs annually and exports about 40% of its live hogs to neighbouring countries.

China may be culling dairy cows for beef to offset pork...

China is turning to other types of protein as it faces a shortage of pork in the wake of an African swine fever outbreak.

Despite culls, import bans, swine fever to hit pork market for...

Millions of pigs are being culled as African Swine Fever cuts through Asia, devastating global food chains, with pork prices expected to soar from global food markets.

China’s pork imports to double in 2019 as swine fever hits...

The disease has totally disrupted the production plans of many major companies, with some halting expansion because of the disease.

Siberia scrambles to contain swine fever after infected shipment

Swine fever has been spreading around the world with alarming speed and Russian authorities have blamed other countries for not taking appropriate measures to combat it.

Hogs on alert in Asia as African swine fever spreads to...

Animal health authorities in Asia have increased border surveillance and China has slaughtered more than 900,000 pigs to contain the disease.

China pork prices may rise in 2019 due to swine fever

China has reported more than 80 outbreaks of African swine fever across the country.

China bans pig imports from Japan, Belgium over swine fever

Beijing also orders the return or destruction of products shipped from the two countries.

China says battling swine fever is “complex and challenging”

More than a dozen African swine fever outbreaks have been reported across China since early August, mostly on small farms.

Japan culls 546 hogs after detecting first swine fever outbreak in...

The outbreak of the fever - a different strain from the deadly African swine fever that has broken out in China - was detected at a farm in central Gifu city, the agriculture ministry said on Sunday.

Emergency meet in Bangkok to head off swine fever spread

African swine fever does not affect humans but causes haemorrhagic fever in pigs and wild boars that is nearly always fatal.

China culls 38,000 pigs as swine fever spreads

Since the disease has moved south, concerns increase as it could infect pig farms across the country.

African swine fever: China marks new front in battle against deadly...

Transmitted by ticks and direct contact between animals, AFS can also travel via contaminated food, animal feed, and people travelling from one place to another.

China reports 4th African swine fever outbreak

Zhejiang is the fourth region to discover the infection and the furthest from the original outbreak in Shenyang, the capital of northeastern Liaoning province.