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Tag: Syahredzan Johan

Address criticisms by Dong Zong through dialogue, govt urged

Suaram says government should avoid demonising opponents and silencing those with different views.

To counter right-wing rhetoric, we need a new national narrative

One does not fight the flames of racism and sectarianism with fire but douse them with the uniting waters of a shared national identity.

Ambiga’s lessons for Pakatan Harapan after the ICERD fiasco

Prominent human rights lawyer takes Putrajaya to task for not taking 'control of the narrative' and being caught on the back foot over its decision to ratify ICERD.

Bar: Let Parliament propose Suhakam members

its president George Varughese says the status of the Human Rights Commission will be elevated if members' appointments are sanctioned by the legislature instead of the prime minister.

Lawyers decry charge against fish delivery worker for insulting cops

Syahredzan Johan and Fadiah Nadwa Fikri say it’s unfair to use the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 on him, and that the punishment meted out is harsh

All-round praise for new Mara head

Women’s Aid Organisation says recent appointments of women to top positions will help close the gender gap.

Pembantu Kit Siang dakwa kerajaan tiada hak saman fitnah individu

Syahredzan Johan berkata saman itu akan membantutkan demokrasi dalam negara apabila individu disekat untuk mengkritik.

Government’s right to sue: Just don’t, lawyers group tells PH

Lawyers for Liberty says Pakatan Harapan must take a clear stand against suing those who criticise either the federal government or state governments under the coalition.

Give govt aid to Port Dickson only after by-election, says Maria

The PKR Petaling Jaya MP says this is to avoid criticism that the Pakatan Harapan government was indulging in giving election goodies.

Stop the assaults on transgender community, say Hannah Yeoh, lawyer

They say the attacks are 'gross violations' of the group's rights to enjoy the same liberties as any other citizen.

Public discussion not prejudicial to Najib, says Syahredzan

The political secretary to Lim Kit Siang says this is because the country does not practise the jury system.

Lawyers, activists up in arms over Siti Kasim’s arrest

The human rights champion is alleged to have 'abducted' a 24-year-old woman who had apparently sought refuge with her.

Lawyer Syahredzan is Kit Siang’s political secretary

The lawyer says he will continue with his legal practice, stressing that it is a DAP appointment and not related to the government.

Peguam Syahredzan Johan dilantik setiausaha politik Kit Siang

Syahredzan berkata lantikan itu merupakan lantikan parti dan bukan jawatan dalam kerajaan.

Even apolitical figures now taking sides, says rights lawyer

Syahredzan Johan says this is because change is needed for democracy to truly take place.

SKMM hantar pesanan spam kepada orang ramai?

Ramai pelanggan telefon bimbit kehairanan selepas menerima teks mesej daripada penghantar yang disenaraikan sebagai 'SKMM'.

RUU berita palsu boleh tamatkan riwayat satira, kata peguam

Syahredzan berkata pihak yang menyumbang kepada kempen kutipan dana untuk membayar denda atau ganti rugi juga mungkin boleh dipertanggungjawabkan.

Anti-Fake News Bill a death knell to satire, says lawyer Syahredzan

Those who contribute to crowd-sourcing or fundraising campaigns to pay off fines or damages may also be liable, he cautions.

Discrimination: The need for a complaints panel

A lawyer says court proceedings can be too adversarial and Suhakam says complex issues require handling by experts.

Lawyer: Set up commission to review, abolish restrictive laws

Syahredzan Johan says laws should empower and facilitate freedom.

Fahmi speechless at raising RM30,000 fine in 18 hours

The artist thanks donors who contributed towards the fine he was given after being found guilty of breaching the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

#UndiRosak: We don’t want Mahathir as PM again, says activist

Social activist Maryam Lee tells forum that campaign is to ask unhappy voters to teach Pakatan Harapan a lesson for choosing Dr Mahathir Mohamad as PM.

Syahredzan: Don’t boycott, vote based on candidates’ merit

The civil liberties lawyer says those disenchanted should look at each candidate as an individual and not as a proxy for who will rule Malaysia.

Syahredzan: Jangan boikot, tapi undi merit calon

Peguam menyarankan mereka yang berasa kecewa dengan calon perdana menteri PH dan BN supaya melihat merit calon-calon yang bertanding di kawasan mereka.