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Tag: Syariah Law

Brunei sultan returns Oxford degree after gay sex death penalty backlash

Following global backlash, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah says the death penalty will not be imposed in the implementation of the penal code changes.

Hadi’s motion coming up again at Dewan

After controversy and uproar last year, PAS chief gets another attempt at providing Shariah Courts with greater criminal powers.

Finally, Umno feels the pinch

Prime Minister Najib Razak has said BN will not have an official stand on the Act 355 amendment bill but does that mean BN reps can vote whichever way they like if it's tabled?

Bebas: Hadi’s bill not defeated yet

Secular activist group says it will not hesitate to mobilise public opinion against the shariah amendment bill if it is tabled.

Putting the country’s interests first

Umno still owes us an explanation on its cooperation with PAS and whether this will end following its decision to drop the bill.

Pivotal role for Sabah, Sarawak MPs over Hadi’s bill

From the long-term and macroscopic perspectives, the strategy to exclude the two states has unreservedly exposed the shortsightedness of our policymakers.

Scholar: Medina Charter a better guide for Islamic policy

There's no hudud in the Medina Charter, instead, you will find love, peace and compassion, says Zuhairi Misrawi of Indonesia's Nahdatul Ulama

Siti Kasim: Fear driving Muslims from questioning hudud

Lawyer-activist wants Malays to wake up, and says PAS and other religious bodies are lying to Muslims on the serious implications of Shariah amendments.

Now Subra makes quit pledge over ‘hudud bill’

MIC chief says decision made by party's supreme council at EGM, to join leaders of other BN component parties, Gerakan and MCA, to quit Cabinet posts.

Mah joins Liow in quit threat over ‘hudud bill’

Gerakan President Mah Siew Kong says he too will resign his Cabinet post after MCA President confirms his willingness to step down as Transport Minister if Syariah Amendment law passed.

Bashah: Give Leong time to reconsider leaving MCA

Kedah MB Ahmad Bashah says Leong's decision was unexpected but the matter will be resolved in the spirit of Barisan Nasional.

Umno veteran: Syariah Amendment Bill only affects Muslims

Umno's BN allies - MCA, MIC, Gerakan, and parties in Sabah and Sarawak - must understand contents and purpose of Bill before talking on subject.

DAP dares MCA, Gerakan, MIC to quit BN over hudud

Penang DAP leader Ramasamy says support by Umno for PAS' private members' bill on Hudud shows lack of respect for Constitution and feelings of non-Malays.

G25: Selangor has no powers over publishing

Group of retired civil servants points out that only Parliament can legislate on publications