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Tag: Sydney Morning Herald

Thai opposition calls on cabinet member to clear his name

Deputy agriculture minister Thammanat Prompao says reports carried in the Australian media which state he was charged with drug trafficking were planted by his political opponents.

Australia plays down junior Turnbull’s remarks ahead of summit attended by...

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull declines to comment on his son's remarks about Goldman Sachs-1MDB dealings, while Alex Turnbull says he was misquoted, SMH reports.

Malaysia’s Dr Jemilah lauded for humanitarian efforts

In conjunction with World Humanitarian Day, founder of Mercy Malaysia relates experience of being shot in the hip but carrying on working in war-torn Iraq back in 2003.

Iban might abandon BN, argues Aussie columnist

“Compliant” Ibans’ support for BN might waver over court ruling, says Sydney Morning Herald columnist.

Syndicates exploiting illegal M’sian workers in Australia exposed

Australian daily reports tales of low wages and squalid workers housing

‘Flag underwear’ suspect, adviser to Aussie minister

Sydney Morning Herald says one of nine men arrested at Sepang F1 GP on Sunday, works for Australian minister Christopher Pyne.