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Tag: tablets

Google discontinues tablet development in favour of laptops

Despite no longer launching new Slate hardware, Google intends to continue supporting the existing device for the long term.

Tablets for abortion and vaccines from India seized

The 350 vials of unregistered vaccines were valued at RM28,000 and 1,400 Misoprostol tablets were worth RM63,000.

Belgium tells kids to leave TV for sun and games

Belgian television networks shut down for an hour to encourage children to go outdoors.

Limit kids’ time on tablets and phones, parents told

Parent Action Group for Education chief Noor Azimah Rahim says while children need such devices for studies, parents must set time limits and monitor their usage.

See-To slams DAP over ‘overpriced’ tablet allegation

He accuses Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim of not doing his homework.

20% of Malaysians use only mobile devices to go online

Statistics show youths aged 15-24 form the highest number of users on mobile-only access out of the 18.8 million Malaysians who access the internet, says comScore.

Beware the ads that children watch, consumer body warns

Saying advertisers today can reach children directly through smartphones and tablets, Fomca expresses concern over the materialistic values and unhealthy habits children may pick up.