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Refreshing and invigorating hike up Bukit Larut on foot

Bukit Larut is not the easiest climb but worth it for the nature, clean air and scenery.

Seek age-friendly city status to boost tourism, local authorities urged

A healthy ageing society proponent says cities like Kuching, George Town and Melaka should follow in the footsteps of Taiping.

Taiping chosen as only ‘age-friendly town’ in Southeast Asia

The town has met various criteria set by the World Health Organisation.

Teen lovers killed brother after quarrel, say police

The victim's body is found wrapped in plastic and dumped in the backyard of an empty house.

Taiping named 3rd most sustainable city in the world but…

While Taiping is an amazing city, it isn't right for property investment. It is however a great location for a retirement home.

Mr Education Minister, put the Tiger spirit in school and watch...

Education Minister Maszlee Malik should look to premier schools such as King Edward VII, Taiping, and Victoria Institution in working out plans to improve the education system.

Bas bawa 21 penumpang jatuh gaung di Taiping

Sebuah bas ekspres dipercayai terbabas dan jatuh ke dalam gaung di Kilometer 228.4 Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan selepas Hentian R&R Bukit Gantang petang tadi.

Change the teachers to improve the education system

Most people say that teachers in the past were full of passion and dedication and that they genuinely cared for their students but that today’s teachers are a different lot altogether.

Mass vaccination of dogs going on in Taiping

This follows detection of rabies in samples after dog bites 2 people.

Mukim Taiping, Bukit Gantang diwarta kawasan jangkitan anjing gila

Mukim Taiping dan Bukit Gantang di daerah Lukut, Matang dan Selama diwartakan sebagai kawasan rabies berkuatkuasa hari ini.

Bina negara bangsa bersatu proses rumit, titah Sultan Nazrin

Istilah penyatuan diperkenalkan dengan pelbagai slogan direka cipta, logo dilakar, lirik dikumandangkan, namun masih tidak memperlihatkan impak keberkesanannya.

Back to nature at Bukit Larut Hill Resort

At over 1,000 m above sea level, this is a wonderful cool respite from the rush of life down below.

When in Taiping, a bowl of Mee Udang Mak Jah is...

A flourishing roadside stall, both locals and tourists alike swear by the richness of the Mee Udang's broth and the freshness of its prawns.

5 must-have dishes when popping by Taiping

From Char Koay Teow with fish balls to Mee Udang and Sotong Kangkung, there's a mouthwatering dish or two or three just waiting to be gobbled up in Taiping.

3 projek bawah BN di Taiping ditangguh

MPT berkata 3 projek tersebut ialah menaiktaraf kemudahan asas di Bukit Larut bernilai RM3 juta, projek landskap RM100,000 dan projek ekopelancongan RM1.9 juta.

For love and nasi lemak, Mama broke the rules

Norazimah Aziz tells of how a journey to Japan 31 years ago led to the creation of her version of Malaysia's classic breakfast dish.

A kuey teow seller, scrap metal dealer and carpenter on what...

They want a representative who will speak up on national issues like 1MDB and the GST.

Amanah man promises to give Kamunting a university

Former lecturer Muhd Fadhil Nurrudin makes the pledge in his manifesto to become next assemblyman for Kamunting.

Sukar hadapi DAP, kata Gerakan

Calon BN bagi DUN Aulong mengadu tentang keghairahan nafsu pengundi Cina mahu menukar kerajaan.

Money, food and girlfriend: Nga goes for the heart

Perak DAP chief reaches out to voters with a light-hearted message spoken in Tamil at a ceramah in Kampung Jambu.

Nga says Umno is killing off its BN partners

Accused of turning Perak Malays against opposition, he denies practicising 'politics of hate' and says he speaks of reforms.

Mengapa PAS nampak kemenangan di Taiping

Dengan meletakkan calon Melayu, parti Islam berharap dapat kelebihan daripada PH dan BN memecahkan undi Cina.

Why PAS sees victory in Chinese-majority Taiping

By fielding a Malay candidate, the Islamic party hopes to gain from Pakatan and Barisan splitting the Chinese vote.

Kamunting rep sees continued victory for BN in GE14

Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid expects BN to benefit from its track record in Perak as well as the multi-cornered fight with PH and PAS.