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Typhoon Bailu makes landfall in southern Taiwan

Typhoon Bailu is categorised at the weakest typhoon level by Taiwan's weather bureau and is expected to cross the Taiwan Strait and hit the Chinese province of Fujian over the weekend, forecasters say.

Flights cancelled as Taiwan braces for typhoon

Bailu is carrying maximum winds of up to 126 km/h as it approaches Taiwan, and could gain in strength as it moves further along.

Taiwan warns Pacific islands of China’s empty promises on aid

China, which has been investing heavily in the Pacific, is courting Taiwan-allied Solomon Islands.

China threatens sanctions on US firms linked to Taiwan warplanes sale

The F-16 fighter jet sale to Taiwan comes as ties between Washington and Beijing are already strained by a trade war.

US State Dept approves sale of 66 F-16 fighters to Taiwan

The Defence Security Cooperation Agency says Taiwan’s purchase of the F-16 will not alter the basic military balance in the region.

China lashes Taiwan over offer to HK protesters

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen voiced support for granting asylum to some Hong Kong protesters, with the semi-autonomous financial hub in the midst of an unprecedented political crisis.

HK immigration to Taiwan surges as protests continue

The number of people moving to Taiwan from Hong Kong has risen rapidly, fuelled in recent months by anti-government protests that have swept the former British colony.

10 must-eat foods while in Taiwan

From beef noodles to smelly tofu to buns and pies, Taiwan is a haven for all things delicious.

US advances sale of F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan

Republican Senator Marco Rubio says it is an important step by the US in support of Taiwan's self-defence efforts.

Huawei calls Taiwan a country, sparking outrage in China

Weibo users are calling for a boycott on Chinese Huawei for implying Taiwan is a separate country from China.

Apple-supplier Foxconn’s second-quarter profit less than expected

Foxconn did not elaborate on the causes of the profit decline.

Taiwan’s president invites visitors to stay in presidential office building

The initiative comes weeks after China announced the suspension of individual travel permits to Taiwan.

Trade war spurs tech suppliers’ production exodus out of China

Inventec Corp is the latest in a string of computer tech suppliers that have dramatically moved US-market bound production out of China.

Coach, Givenchy in hot water over China T-shirt row

Foreign brands are under increasing pressure from Chinese consumers and regulators to fall into line on contentious issues around Chinese sovereignty.

Taiwan urges citizens to stay on alert for China-backed media ‘infiltration’

President Tsai's statement follows a Reuters report of a Beijing-backed media campaign in Taiwan.

China on red alert as super typhoon Lekima approaches

Taiwan bears the brunt of super typhoon Lekima as China takes no chances, prepares Shanghai to face gales and floods.

Taiwanese bubble tea brands face mainland boycott over HK gesture

Mainland Chinese internet users are infuriated over popular bubble tea franchises voicing their solidarity with Hong Kong street protesters.

Taiwan braces for typhoon hours after earthquake strikes

Typhoon Lekima is expected to add landslides and high seas to the damage already caused by a 6.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Taiwan a few hours ago.

China bans mainland participation in Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards

No reason has been given on why the suspension has been enforced.

Taiwan grads in Sarawak query doubts about dentistry degree

Sarawak association says the degree was recognised in 1996, after deputy minister says not.

China halts individual travel to Taiwan

Taiwan's reasoning for suspending travel permits to Chinese citizens is due to cross-strait relations between both countries.

China to conduct military drills in waters near Taiwan

China claims self-ruled and democratic Taiwan as its own and has never renounced the use of force to bring it under Beijing's control.

Nearly 400 detained in record Vietnam gambling bust

Most forms of gambling are illegal for locals in Vietnam, but the country has in recent years been used as a venue for online betting rings run by gangs from China and Taiwan.

Beijing-friendly candidate says elections a ‘battle’ for Taiwan

Taiwan has been a de facto sovereign nation since the end of a civil war in 1949, but China still views the island as its territory and has vowed to seize it – by force if necessary.