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Tag: Taiwan

YouTuber’s quest to visit Taiwan’s dwindling allies

Ben Wu came up with the idea while travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

China says Taiwan opposition’s peace proposal must include push for ‘reunification’

Beijing regards Taiwan as its own and has vowed to bring the island under Chinese control by force if necessary.

Comparison of Winnie the Pooh with Xi too much for China...

Taiwanese paper the Apple Daily says gamers in China have called for a boycott of the game.

Taiwan unveils long-awaited gay marriage bill

Taiwan is seen as one of the most progressive societies in Asia when it comes to gay rights.

Taiwan’s Tsai says no peace deal with China unless force ruled...

Xi Jinping had previously stated that force will not be ruled out in taking Taiwan back and unification is ultimately 'inevitable'.

Lawmakers: HK’s China extradition plans a ‘Trojan horse’

Fears of repression in Hong Kong as amendments are made to extradition laws.

Taiwan takes dig at China’s lack of democracy in new year...

President Tsai Ing-wen says Taiwan is able to maintain cultural traditions and is committed to uphold the values of freedom and democracy.

Malaysian fugitive nabbed in the Philippines

The 30-year old, who is wanted by authorities here, attempted to get into the Philippines with a fake Taiwanese passport.

Bring home the bacon: the Taiwanese woman living with four pet...

Despite the challenges, Tsai said her beloved pets have brought her much joy over the years.

Dissidents trapped inside Taiwan airport allowed in after 125 days

Liu and Yan had expressed gratitude to the Taiwanese government for not deporting them.

Magnitude 5.3 quake strikes off Taiwan

There are no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

Wife of jailed Taiwan activist condemns China visitation ban

Activist Lee Ming-che was sentenced to five years in prison on charges of subverting state power last November 2017.

Taiwan unveils new drone as China tensions mount

China still sees Taiwan as part of its territory to be reunified, despite the two sides being ruled separately since they split in 1949 after a civil war.

Taiwan entertainer faces jail for slapping minister over history row

Cheng Hui-chung, 67, was questioned by prosecutors after she slapped culture minister Cheng Li-chiun in the face during an event on Tuesday.

Taiwan’s ‘Bikini Climber’ dies after ravine fall

The Taipei City native usually wears hiking clothes to scale the mountains, only changing into a bikini once she reached the top.

Taiwan’s traditional medicine stores struggle on life support

Taiwan's approach contrasts with that of China and Hong Kong where authorities have pushed policies to boost and export traditional medicine.

Japan’s Osaka outlasts Hsieh to make Open last 16

Osaka looked headed for the exit when she conceded the first set and was down 4-1 in the second before she won five straight games to force a decider.

Apple, Amazon called out for ‘incorrect’ Taiwan, Hong Kong references

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) is claiming in a report this month that 66 of the world's 500 largest companies had used "incorrect labels" for Taiwan.

Taiwan: We will not bow to China

Beijing has stepped up pressure on Taipei since Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen from the pro-independence ruling party took office in 2016.

‘At any cost’: China warns US Navy over Taiwan

China sees Taiwan as part of its territory to be reunified, despite the 2 sides being ruled separately since they split in 1949.

Chinese dissidents in Taiwan airport limbo for over 100 days

The Chinese asylum seekers have received little international attention or solidarity.

Taiwan arrests BASF engineers for ‘leaking tech’ to China

The arrests come as US President Donald Trump spars with China over its alleged theft of US technological know-how.

Taiwan’s China-sceptic ruling party opts for moderate new leader

The DPP announced it had chosen Cho Jung-tai, a moderate consensus candidate backed by major party figures.

Taiwan’s China-sceptic ruling party to elect new head

Analysts say the vote for the new party head will set the tone for the run-up to next year's presidential election.