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Tag: Tajuddin Rasdi

IIUM: Beacon of enlightened Islam or well-paying divinity school?

The onus is on IIUM to open up to the public on all aspects of the university.

Time to rethink the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and its panels

The MQA must function as a facilitator, and no longer as a police force, to ensure a more conducive environment for the creation of useful and dynamic education programmes.

Is Maszlee a failed education minister?

Did Maszlee abuse his authority? Was he wrong to put 'trivial' matters to the fore?

Don’t start racial fires in the name of fireman Adib

The Seafield temple violence was not a racial issue but now the temple issue has been turned into an issue over Adib’s death by some groups, and I am afraid it has become a racial issue.

Make it a tale of 3 Malays

It is really a tale of three Malays with the same cause, same theme and same inspiration, and the bits of different stands are minor aberrations.

A street sign is more than just a sign

A street name can have a powerful effect on our common heritage of building this country together as a nation of many ‘nations’, and a city is really the imprint of the memories of its people.

UUCA will be abolished, assures Maszlee

Education minister says this is being done in stages with amendments introduced initially.

Islam menghargai kepelbagaian kaum dan agama

esungguhnya, Islam yang kita kenali sebagai tradisi tidak seharum dan semanis Islam yang terungkai maknanya dari jiwa yang lembut, tawaduk dan penuh dengan ilmu.

First things first, academic says on boosting national unity

USCI's Tajuddin Rasdi says historical and religious narratives must be addressed before government programmes can bear fruit.

Lantik orang PKR di UniSZA: Jika layak, tiada masalah, kata ahli...

Tajuddin Rasdi berkata Muhammad Nur Manuty layak menjadi pengerusi lembaga pengarah Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin.

Consider the ‘adab’ of demanding for change

Democracy does not require compassion or kind words in criticising others, but it would reflect better on ourselves to show these values rather than act in a 'gangsterish' manner.

There’s more to ‘new Malaysia’ than Mahathir and Anwar

We cannot hope for the PH politicians to come up with plans as they will eventually succumb to temptations of their offices.

Academic condemns anti-LGBT sermon

It can lead to violence against the minority group, says Tajuddin Rasdi of UCSI.

Academic: Overhaul entire education system, not ‘a bit here and there’

UCSI's Tajuddin Rasdi says total reform is needed at all levels of education in the country.

The Sungai Kandis question: Do Malays want to be Malaysians?

Our religious and so-called academic education are the real culprits: they have produced a majority of Malays who do not care what being a Malaysian is all about.

Political VCs and free speech problem at universities

Law lecturer Azmi Sharom says education minister's order for open forums provide only a short-term solution, and calls for vice-chancellors who are independent of the ministry.

How privatisation made life hell in low-cost flats

Too many people end up in one building and this affects living conditions and personal interaction, says architecture professor.

Beri ruang agama selain Islam, tarik kaum lain ke SK, kata...

Ketakutan terhadap agama lain disebabkan tiada pengetahuan tentangnya, kata Tajuddin Rasdi, yang mengingatkan sumber kekuatan negara terletak pada kepelbagaiannya.

Allow non-Muslim religious clubs at national schools, says academic

Tajuddin Rasdi says many people are afraid of other religions because they don't know anything about them.

Langgar adat Tahun Baru Cina bukti kepelbagaian diambil mudah

Ketika masyarakat Cina Malaysia menyambut Tahun Anjing, 2 kesilapan besar menjadi tajuk berita. Apa yang yang berlaku?

Don’t make student life more stressful, says don

UCSI's Tajuddin Rasdi questions the need to add e-sports to the school curriculum.

Kekurangan parkir tunjukkan Putrajaya tidak tumpu rakyat

Tajuddin Rasdi mengeluh seni bina dan reka bentuk bangunan kerajaan memenuhi keperluan penjawat awam dan bukannya masyarakat pembayar cukai.

Academic: Lack of parking shows Putrajaya not people-centric

UCSI's Tajuddin Rasdi laments failure in architecture and design of government buildings to serve the taxpaying public, and serving civil servants instead.

Local buildings fail to reflect multi-culturalism, says academic

UCSI's Tajuddin Rasdi says design of mosques used to be inclusive, universalistic but now is more Middle Eastern and projects a siege mentality on non-Muslims.