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Afghan museum repairing Taliban-destroyed Buddhist artefacts

Country’s ancient history being restored one piece at a time.

Kidnapped Indian engineers released in Taliban prisoner swap

Militant group frees 3 hostages in exchange for at least 11 prisoners.

Taliban temu utusan damai AS di Islamabad

Pakistan dan Taliban bersetuju mengenai perlunya "rundingan damai semula" yang terhenti dengan AS dalam usaha menamatkan konflik selama 18 tahun di Afghanistan.

Taliban kills 11 Afghan police, torches district headquarters

Insurgent group's spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says it killed 30 cops.

Afghan election sees big drop in voter numbers

A low voter impact could push the country into further chaos.

Taliban potong jari pengundi, rakyat Afghan tak patah semangat

Semasa pilihan raya presiden 2014, pejuang Taliban telah memotong jari sekurang-kurangnya enam pengundi.

Afghan voters brave violence as presidential election begins

Kandahar, Kabul, Ghazni and Jalalabad have all been hit by explosions to deter Afghan citizens from going out to vote.

40 civilians killed at wedding in airstrike, Afghan officials investigating

Deaths come less than a week after drone killed at least nine civilians in Nangarhar.

Beijing backs US-Taliban talks

Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang hopes ‘momentum of negotiations' will be maintained.

Jauhi pilihan raya presiden atau hadapi risiko mati, Taliban beri amaran

Taliban memberi amaran kepada guru, pelajar dan kakitangan pendidikan supaya mengelak dari terlibat dalam pemilihan presiden yang akan berlangsung akhir bulan ini.

Taliban car bomb kills at least 20 in Afghanistan

Attack’s initial target was a nearby government intelligence department building.

Taliban says ‘doors are open’ for talks with US

President Trump previously closed talks with Taliban after attacks on US troops.

Blast rocks Afghan presidential rally, kills 24

Suicide bomber on motorbike detonated at first checkpoint leading to rally for Ashraf Ghani.

Taliban revokes ban on Red Cross, provides security guarantees

Taliban leaders imposed a ban on the ICRC and the WHO in April saying the organisations were carrying out 'suspicious' activities during vaccinations campaigns.

Taliban send team to Russia after US talks collapse

The purpose of the visits is not to try to revive negotiations with the US but to assess regional support for forcing the US to leave Afghanistan.

Trump says Taliban talks ‘dead,’ US military to ramp up Afghanistan...

Donald Trump had hoped to cap months of US negotiations with the Taliban militants with a secret meeting at Camp David.

Trump: Rundingan damai dengan Taliban ‘sudah berakhir’

Donald Trump sebelum ini membatalkan dialog dengan Taliban selepas seorang askar Amerika terbunuh dalam serangan pengebom berani mati di Kabul.

Trump batal rundingan damai saat akhir, Taliban beri amaran keras

Taliban mengeluarkan kenyataan keras selepas Donald Trump tanpa diduga membatalkan rundingan sulit yang sepatutnya diadakan di Camp David, Maryland semalam.

More Americans will die as Trump ends Afghan talks, says Taliban

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says the cancellation also means the United State's credibility is affected and its anti-peace stance will be exposed.

US to withdraw 5,000 troops from Afghanistan, close bases

The deal, reached after months of negotiations with Taliban representatives, must still be approved by US President Donald Trump before it can be signed.

US-Taliban deal ‘close’, insurgents claim

The foes have been meeting in Doha negotiating a historic deal that would see the Taliban make various security guarantees in return for a sharp reduction in US troops based in Afghanistan.

US, Taliban push for deal at Doha talks

The insurgent group is finalising technical points of an agreement with the US to end 18 years of war.

US, Taliban resume push for peace at Doha talks

The US wants to withdraw thousands of troops but only in return for the insurgent group renouncing Al-Qaeda and curbing attacks.

Trump hails ‘very good’ discussions with Taliban

While President Trump says discussions are going well with the Taliban, a massive bombing in Kabul yesterday suggests otherwise.