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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Tag: Taman Wahyu

Review mixed development project, Taman Wahyu folk tell DBKL

The residents fear the flood retention ponds will lead to flash floods while traffic congestion will become worse.

Ahli Parlimen Kepong kata Najib terbabit urus janji kondo Taman Wahyu

Lim Lip Eng mendakwa ketua setiausaha negara memberitahu projek pangsapuri mewah itu diluluskan atas arahan Najib.

Kepong MP: Najib implicated in Taman Wahyu condo deal

Lim Lip Eng claims that Chief Secretary told him that the controversial project for luxury apartments was approved on an order by Najib.

MP demands to know why pond land was sold for condos

Lim Lip Eng asks the Chief Secretary, Ali Hamsa, why he previously approved the land sale at a low price for a high-end condominium apartment building.