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Sabah minister confirms JE virus found in pig

The state veterinary department detected the virus in a pig at a farm in Tambunan but no human case has been found.

Parti tempatan perlu rampas semula Sandakan, kata Jeffrey

Semenanjung Malaysia mempunyai 166 kerusi Parlimen melalui DAP dan parti politik yang berpangkalan di semenanjung.

Where religion can’t break blood ties

Religious differences are never an issue with Keningau's Arifin clan, which is made up Muslims and Christians.

Does Shafie want to sell off state land, asks Musa

Chief Minister Musa Aman explains that communal title lands were created so that all natives can own land.

Pairin diperlukan untuk kuatkan BN, kata Musa

Ketua menteri Sabah mengakui presiden PBS mempunyai sokongan kuat di kawasan pedalaman yang akan membantu BN pada pilihan raya.

My brother-in-law is a traitor, says Pairin

PBS president says the party had treated Justin Alip well before he quit PBS for Warisan to eventually challenge him in Tambunan in upcoming polls.

GE14: Brothers to battle it out in Tambunan

It's a family affair with the two brothers, Pairin (BN) and Jeffrey Kitingan (STAR), and their brother-in-law from Warisan battling it out for the seat.

Pairin: I took decision to stand in Tambunan with a heavy...

The 77-year-old former chief minister will once again defend seat he has represented continuously since 1976.

Jeffrey all fired up for Sabah, set to do battle for...

The STAR president is confident of success in his quest to replace older brother Joseph Pairin Kitingan in both Keningau and Tambunan.

Pairin still needed by PBS to win in Sabah

Despite announcing his intention to retire, he is still preferred by many Keningau folks.

Pairin to put retirement on hold to defend Tambunan?

The PBS supremo is rumoured to have been asked by the BN leadership to once again defend the seat which he has held since 1976.

Apakah sokongan kepada Pairin akan terus merosot?

Orang muda nampaknya kurang gembira dengan presiden PBS itu, walaupun pengundi berusia masih menerimanya.

Will support for Pairin decline further?

Young people seem unhappy with the PBS president, but older voters still think well of him.

Pairin leaves door open on defending Keningau, Tambunan

The deputy chief minister and PBS president plays coy, urging those eager to replace him in the two Sabah interior seats to wait for his decision.

Menteri Ongkili mahu kerusi DUN Tambunan

Pemangku presiden PBS mungkin bertanding di Tambunan kerana Pairin Kitingan tidak mahu bertanding pada PRU14.

Opposition to focus on Batu Sumpah pledges, says Kit Siang

He says these pledges, made during formation of Sabah, must be upheld by the current federal and state governments.