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Tag: Tamils

Go ahead if you want to arrest me, says Ramasamy

Penang deputy CM also demands release of 7 arrested over LTTE links, blames Zakir Naik's followers for tarnishing his name.

General accused of war crimes appointed Sri Lanka army chief

The appointment of Shavendra Silva as army chief prompts international criticism for war crimes committed during Sri Lanka's civil war against the Tamils.

Sri Lanka Tamils push parliament to end crisis

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) could tip the balance should parliament be recalled this week to decide between two rivals both claiming the lawful right to head Sri Lanka's government.

‘My name is Ramasamy, and I’m not a terrorist’

DAP leader says he is a peace lover, not a fighter, and has helped Muslim provinces such as Aceh and Mindanao in their peace talks.

Sri Lanka trip a test case on human rights for PM,...

Even if PM Najib Razak does not address the human rights violations against Tamils during the Sri Lankan civil war, MIC president Subramaniam or former MIC president Samy Vellu should.

Lawyer: Accused deprived of right to fair trial

DAP's M Kulasegaran is to mount a challenge to law enacted by Parliament which he says gives no opportunity to cross-examine the person who did ‘deposition’.

Sri Lanka’s men face rape a decade after civil war: Study

The vast majority of documented cases of male rape both during and after the war were against Tamils, US-based All Survivors Project said in its report.

Tamil protest: Sign of warped priorities?

Instead of attacking monks and diplomats, it would be much better for Malaysian Indians to channel their energy towards advancing their community.

MIC Youth condemns violence against Sri Lankan envoy

However, it says it will provide legal assistance to the five suspects on humanitarian grounds.

Ramasamy: Inviting Rajapaksa insensitive to Tamil feelings

Penang Deputy Chief Minister II says many were killed, went missing or were raped and/or sexually abused during the former Sri Lankan president's reign of terror.

Sri Lanka to return military-held land to Tamil civilians

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera also gives assurance of a fair trial for victims of rights abuses.

Ramasamy applauds Aceh for taking in Tamil refugees

He says the northern Sumatran province was providing food and medical assistance to 35 Tamil refugees who landed on their shores recently.