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Tag: Tan Heang-Lee

All-round praise for new Mara head

Women’s Aid Organisation says recent appointments of women to top positions will help close the gender gap.

Online sex education not enough, says women’s NGO

Women's Aid Organisation cautions that online information is not always accurate and sex education should be available in formal settings.

Blame lack of sex education for babies being dumped

Education ministry must implement comprehensive sex education for youths to learn more about their bodies, says child rights activist.

WAO calls for enactment of Sexual Harassment Act

It says a workplace sexual harassment conduct code is insufficient.

The failure of religious education

There's too much emphasis on the performance of rituals and too little on the philosophy behind them, says IRF's Farouk Musa.

Agama tanpa faham etika, punca umat Islam mendahului masalah sosial

Pendidikan agama di negara ini tidak menekankan aspek falsafah dan nilai etika di sebaliknya, dan ini antara punca umat Islam mendahului masyarakat lain dalam perkara seperti kehamilan luar nikah.