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Tag: Tan Keng Liang

Nazri thanks DAP for validating Umno’s move

Federal minister advises DAP to think carefully the next time it criticises others since they too have postponed party elections just like Umno did last year.

‘DAP’s Hew did the honorable thing by quitting’

Others should follow suit, says Syed Saddiq and Gerakan Youth Chief Tan Keng Liang.

‘Declassifying A-G’s report: Transparency must be for justice’

MCA man says A-G report on 1MDB could be politicised by the Opposition, which defeats the purpose of being transparent.

Will Pua demand LGE take leave now, asks Gerakan Youth

Tan Kheng Liang reminds Tony Pua that he had previously said Lim Guan Eng should take leave from his position as Penang chief minister if charged with corruption.

Gerakan Youth: Be wary of DAP’s tricks

Tan Keng Liang warns voters not to fall for Kit Siang's ‘assurance’ and reminds them how DAP wrested Penang from Gerakan in 2008.

‘Take care of your own backyard,’ Gerakan tells HRW

Gerakan Youth chief points out hypocrisy of New-York based group in condemning Rafizi Ramli’s case when the US has its own national secrecy laws.