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Tag: Tanjung Tokong

Reclamation hurt us badly, say Tanjung Tokong fishermen

They urge southern coastal fishermen to oppose three-island project or seek a better deal to ensure a better future for themselves.

Polis cari wanita dipercayai dera 3 anaknya

Wanita terbabit yang bekerja sebagai pembantu kedai makan itu bercerai dengan suaminya sejak tahun lepas dan menghilangkan diri selepas laporan polis dibuat oleh ibunya.

Penang bungalow most expensive home sold in Malaysia

At RM14.5 million, it tops the list of 10 most expensive homes transacted in Malaysia in 2017, compiled by iPropertyIQ.com.

Stop spinning land sale facts, Umno man tells Guan Eng

Penang Umno Liaison Committee chairman Zainal Abidin Osman accuses chief minister of hiding facts on land sale.

Apologise or we’ll sue over land comments, Gerakan tells Guan Eng

BN party leader Liang Teck Meng says Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had falsely claimed that previous state govt had made dubious land sale.

‘Declassify documents on Penang reclamation’

Acknowledging that the previous Gerakan-led government had set confidentiality clauses in the documents, a Gerakan leader hopes current chief minister would help reverse these in the interests of the public.

What’s going on in Penang, asks activist

Anil Netto laments environmental and social cost of development in Penang, posting pictures of projects underway.

Penang mudslide forces 10 out of their homes

No injuries reported in the 6am incident, which saw the retaining wall surrounding a few houses in Jalan Tokong Lama, collapse, after a downpour.