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Tanzania fuel tanker blast kills 60

The explosion was reportedly triggered when a man tried to pull out the truck's battery, while witnesses say one of the people looting the fuel was smoking a cigarette.

Mane makes up for missed penalty with brace against Kenya

Mane scores from the spot to seal his brace against Kenya after missing a penalty in the first half.

Olunga goals keep Kenya in hunt for last-16 place

Even if Kenya lose their final group match against Senegal, they hope to squeeze into the knockout phase as one of the four best third-place teams.

65 dukun Tanzania ditahan terlibat bunuh ritual kanak-kanak

Terdapat kepercayaan bahawa penggunaan bahagian badan manusia secara ritual boleh membawa kekayaan dan tuah.

Tanzanian court sentences Chinese ‘ivory queen’ to 15 years for smuggling

Yang Feng Glan, along with two Tanzanian men are being charged with smuggling 860 pieces of ivory between 2000 and 2004 worth 13 billion shillings.

Tanzania pecat 2 menteri kerana harga gajus jatuh

Presiden Tanzania mendakwa menteri pertanian dan menteri perdagangan itu kerana gagal menguruskan industri dengan betul sehingga kejatuhan harga komoditi itu.

Africa’s youngest billionaire kidnapped in Tanzania

Mohammed Dewji, 43, who heads the MeTL Group which operates in about 10 countries with interests in agriculture to insurance, transport, logistics and the food industry, was snatched as he entered the gym of a hotel in the city.

Survivor pulled from capsized Tanzanian ferry as death toll reaches 218

Bodies continued to float to the surface around the vessel, which initial estimates suggested had been carrying more than 300 people.

Death toll reaches 136 in Tanzania ferry disaster with scores missing

The precise number of those aboard the ferry when it capsized was hard to establish since crew and equipment had been lost.

More than 100 die in Lake Victoria ferry disaster

Waters in the lake can be rough and boats are frequently poorly maintained, while ferry operators often fail to record the number of passengers on board.

Desperate search resumes for missing after Lake Victoria disaster

The MV Nyerere may have been carrying as many as 200 passengers - double the ferry's capacity - when it capsized close to the pier on Ukara Island.

Tanzania’s Magufuli reshuffles cabinet, fires home affairs minister

President John Magufuli replaced Mwigulu Nchemba with Kangi Lugola.

Tanzania government wins court case to impose online regulations

Many have criticised the new regulations, which require bloggers and activists to be registered and declare their financial backers, as an attack on freedom of speech.

Tanzania police threaten to beat protesters ‘like stray dogs’ to halt...

However, US-based Tanzanian activist Mange Kimambi has called upon Tanzanians to proceed with the demonstrations.

Popular Tanzanian singer arrested in latest Internet crackdown

Diamond Platnumz and Nandy were arrested for uploading content deemed to be obscene.

In Kenya, anti-poaching dogs are wildlife’s best friends

Tracker dog units have become pivotal in the fight against poaching

Tanzanian opposition politician ‘murdered’

Daniel John of Chadema was found dead, and his party blamed the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi party for it.

Tanzanian woman arrested over video of same-sex kiss

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in the East African nation and can carry a life sentence.

University to study if ‘teh tarik’ is linked to dementia

Newcastle University study covers Malaysia, Tanzania and India to get a more 'global picture', says Prof Roger Barton.

New evidence shows MH370 ended in ‘death dive’

The evidence comes from further analysis of the Boeing 777-200's wing flap which turned up on a beach in Tanzania.

Australia: Tanzania debris to be checked for MH370 link

The bureau said Malaysian officials were in contact with Tanzanian authorities to arrange for the piece to be examined.