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US slaps tariffs on European wine, whisky, Airbus 

France warns Washington to brace for retaliation.

All smiles as US-China trade talks end with hope of limited...

We had a very, very good negotiation with China, says Donald Trump.

Trump-Xi take center stage at G20 summit

Now there is pressure for the two sides to ensure at the very minimum that their tariff battle doesn’t worsen.

Mexico says presidential plane sale to help fund migration plan

The agreement reached on Friday averted escalating import tariffs of 5% on Mexican goods.

Carmakers see US$17 bln wiped out by Trump’s Mexico threat

Mexico is the largest source of US vehicle and auto-parts imports, meaning tariffs would increase costs for virtually every major manufacturer.

Automakers tremble in Asia as Trump threatens Mexico with tariffs

The move could hit a number of global companies including American and Asian firms - with the auto industry looking particularly vulnerable.

Mexico says Trump tariff move ‘disastrous,’ vows to retaliate

Mexico is blindsided by the announcement and will discuss it with the US before deciding if they should retaliate.

US business group says retaliation rising in China amid trade war

US companies are focusing their China operations on producing for Chinese customers and not for export due to the bitter trade war.

China’s economy shows further weakness as retail sales struggle

A trade war with the US has resulted in China's economy showing further signs of weakness, shown by the slowest growth in retail sales for 16 years.

Trump warns China not to retaliate against tariff hike

The president's denial that US consumers would be affected by the spike in tariffs ran counter to the words of his own economic adviser.

India plays down impact as Trump drops trade treatment

Donald Trump has repeatedly called out India for its high tariffs.

World shares breathe easy as Trump pushes out tariff deadline

European stocks had climbed 0.4% since October, led by a 0.5% bump in Germany's trade-sensitive DAX due to US president Donald Trump's decision to hold off tariffs on China goods.

Indonesia plans 22% ‘safeguard’ tariff on aluminium foil

Jakarta says it is proposing to impose tariffs because Chinese exports of aluminium foil had been diverted to Indonesia.

After levying tariffs against Malaysia and China, India’s solar industry shrinks

India says overseas supplies have caused or threatened serious injury to manufacturers at home.

Cambodia, Myanmar hit out at tough EU rice tariffs

Tariffs imposed on Cambodia and Myanmar are hurting their already poor farmers.

In tariff war, US has allies behind enemy lines

The reality underscores how tough it will be for the Washington to roll back a set of statist industrial policies that are rooted more in politics and ideology than economics.

Trump: iPhones may get hit with 10% tariff

The vast majority Cupertino's products are built in China and then exported globally.

China accuses US of ‘trade bullyism’ amid escalating dispute

China has sought to resolve the issue for the sake of the two parties' common interest but that the new US administration 'has been contradicting itself and constantly challenging China,' leading to a rapid escalation of the dispute.

Trade wars: Is Trump lining up Japan next?

If Japan offered a 'satisfactory package of concessions on market access in the near term, particularly one that included agricultural concessions', it might escape Trump's wrath.

New US, China tariffs set to take effect, no compromise in...

China imports far less from the United States, making a dollar-for-dollar match on any new US tariffs impossible.

Tariff deadline nears as China scraps trade talks with US

US$200 billion of Chinese products will be subject to tariffs on top of the US$50 billion in goods already slapped with tariffs actions in the year.

China is said to plan broad import tax cut as soon...

The US and China are also engaged in a tit-for-tat trade war, with both sides increasing the levies imposed on some goods imported from the other.

Volvo Cars seeks US tariff exemption for Chinese-made SUV

Volvo confirmed on Friday it has sought an exemption with the US Trade Representative's Office for the popular vehicle that accounted for nearly a third of its US sales in August.

US invites China to trade talks as tariffs loom

The negative impact of the tariffs on US firms has been 'clear and far reaching'.