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Tag: tariffs

China seeks US$2.4 bil in sanctions against US in Obama-era case

World Trade Organisation has given the green light for Beijing to seek compensation.

Trump authorises sanctions and slaps steel tariffs on Turkey

US president will destroy Turkey’s economy if it continues with Syria offence.

Gold loses its lustre as higher prices keep China investors, shoppers...

Weakened yuan, reduced economic growth also dampen consumer sentiment.

Partial US-China trade deal only ‘baby step’ as thorny issues remain

It will take weeks to finalise and details of deal are not clear.

US holds off China tariff increase after agreeing to deal

Observers say deal is underwhelming.

Tariffs forcing China to pay attention, says US

Making Beijing adhere to an agreement not always easy according to Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

88% of imports won’t face tariffs in event of no-deal Brexit

UK a free-trading nation and British business are in strong position to compete in an open market.

US hits Scotch whisky, Italian cheese, French wine with 25% tariffs

The US Trade Representative's Office released a list of hundreds of European products that will get new tariffs.

US Treasury says no plans to block Chinese listings ‘at this time’

Administration officials for weeks have been examining their options on how to limit US investors’ portfolio flow into China.

China tells UN tariffs could plunge world into recession

Wang's remarks coincided with word the Trump administration is considering radical new financial pressure tactics on Beijing.

China buys ‘considerable’ amount of US pork, soybeans

China says US agricultural products would be exempt from added tariffs.

US, Japan sign limited trade deal, leaving autos for future talks

Japan and the US will tackle automotive tariffs in a later round of negotiations.

Trump addresses UN in shadow of Iran crisis, domestic scandal

Trump may meet Iran's Hassan Rouhani at the UN Summit.

Apple will produce new Mac Pro computers in US

Tim Cook says Apple is proud to build new Mac Pro in the US.

Apple’s Mac Pro tariff relief request approved

President Trump previously signalled Apple not be given tariff waivers for China made Mac Pro parts.

China to exempt 16 categories of US products from tariffs

The 16 category product list marks the first time Beijing announces products to be excluded from tariffs. 

Mauritius agrees to free trade agreement with China

Almost 90% of tariff lines for 8,547 products will be eliminated immediately and the remaining ones removed over a five- to seven-year period.

Kudlow says trade talks between China, US will likely ‘heat up’

Larry Kudlow says he can’t predict an outcome for the trade talks between US and China representatives in October.

India eyes US oil that China’s offering amid tariffs

Bharat Petroleum Corp is looking for opportunities to buy some US crude diverted from their original destination of China.

US, China more divided than ever as new trade talks loom

President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are embroiled in a long fight over a trade war, despite slowing domestic economies.

China lodges tariff case at WTO against the US

The lawsuit is the third Beijing has brought to challenge US President Donald Trump's China-specific tariffs at the WTO.

Trump moving ahead with new tariffs on Chinese products

Economists estimate US$112 billion in goods will be affected by the tariffs.

Trump’s trade war with China will hit Apple this weekend

On Sunday, the levies will kick in for hundreds of products entering the US.

Ringgit opens marginally lower against US dollar

The continuous devaluation of the yuan due to the current US-China trade wars could impact the ringgit in the long run.