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Do your social compliance audit now, Kula tells companies

This comes in the wake of the ban on rubber glove products by a Malaysian manufacturer for alleged use of forced labour.

Police special task force to probe MyKad-for-sale syndicate

Cops said yesterday more National Registration Department officers will be arrested soon.

‘Intruders’ worry villagers amid row over Papar Dam project

Task force questions visit by group on the pretext of looking for durians.

CAGED welcomes 2 new additions to task force

However, the NGO remains deeply disturbed that the terms of reference have still not been defined.

Govt adds 2 more members to task force on missing duo

They are lawyer Roger Tan and MACC assistant commissioner Azian Umar.

Reconsider composition of task force, urges Proham

The NGO warns that any findings by this task force will inevitably be rejected by civil society and amount to nothing but wasted time or resources.

5 reasons why Zamri Yahya should withdraw from task force on...

Zamri, as serving head of the police's Internal Affairs Department, is clearly an interested party.

Pastor Raymond Koh and the great cover-up

If Putrajaya expects to be taken seriously, it must establish a new task force with clear legal authority, clear objectives, and more credible members.

Task force on missing men may get additional non-Malay member

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says a replacement for police officer Mokhtar Mohd Noor has also been identified.

Waytha forms task force to chart strategies for Indians under 12th...

The minister in the Prime Minister’s Department invites economists, academics and others keen to help work out policies for the community to contact his office.

One withdrawal from task force not enough, say rights activists

Klang MP and NGOs want complete revamp of task force probing Suhakam’s finding that Pastor Raymond Koh and Amri Che Mat were victims of enforced disappearance.

Do the decent thing on disappearance of Koh and Amri, says...

Klang MP Charles Santiago says Putrajaya must get to the bottom of the duo's disappearance, even if it has to acknowledge that police played a pivotal role in it.

Let task force members do their job, says Muhyiddin

The home minister downplays concerns of conflict of interest, says task force has many members and is headed by an ex-judge.

Pressure mounts on task force to probe duo’s disappearance

A dozen more organisations voice concern over conflict of interest and foot-dragging by the authorities.

Civil society questions legal standing of home ministry task force

Eliminating Deaths and Abuse in Custody (EDICT) chairman M Visvanathan says the fresh probe to review the findings of Suhakam is a futile exercise.

Credibility of minister, cops at stake in Koh, Amri disappearance

Appoint new members to the task force to probe Suhakam’s findings that the Special Branch was involved in the disappearance of Pastor Koh and Amri Che Mat to ensure credibility.

We can’t please everyone, Dr M says after criticism of task...

The prime minister says some will be happy while others will not.

Unacceptable, says Pastor Koh’s wife on task force composition

Susanna Liew also rubbishes minister’s contention that it will be sub judice to investigate the case related to her husband and calls for the task force to probe the disappearance of Koh and Amri Che Mat simultaneously.

Now, CAGED questions missing men task force lineup

The NGO takes issue with some of the appointments of the task force set up to probe the disappearance of two people, and calls on Malaysians to reject it.

Task force has lot of ‘spade work’ to do, says ex-Suhakam...

Mah Weng Kwai says several witnesses did not have their statements recorded during the Suhakam inquiry into the disappearances of Pastor Koh and Amri and the new task force needs to seek them out.

Task force to look into Suhakam findings on Raymond Koh, Amri

Six or seven people, including police officers, will make up the team, says Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

2,000-strong tiger task force to take down poachers

Water, land and natural resources minister declares war against poachers to save the Malayan tiger from extinction.

Amendments to the law needed to make vaccination mandatory, Dewan Rakyat...

The health minister says elements of exemption and a compensation mechanism also need to be considered in making vaccination compulsory.

Task force tells Batu Caves temple committee to quit

Group alleges mismanagement of temple assets, calls for fresh elections