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Tag: tax refunds

RM7.9 billion in tax refunds paid out, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says the amount paid comes from the one-off special dividend given by Petronas.

Government to pay RM37 billion in GST, income tax refunds

But Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the refunds will not be made in one go.

Financial improprieties: A case for Sosma?

The non-refund of more than RM35 billion to taxpayers is an assault on the integrity of Malaysia's financial system and needs to be strictly addressed.

Businessman’s question to Guan Eng on tax refunds draws laughter

A briefing on SST heard about the plight of a businessman who is still waiting for RM3.5 million in GST refunds.

Let police probe RM16 billion tax refunds, says Irwan Serigar

The former Treasury secretary-general says officers in the Cash Flow Committee under the finance ministry should also be consulted on the matter.

Tax refunds: LHDN says individuals first, others must wait

Inland Revenue Board CEO Sabin Samitah says refunds for other categories of taxpayers cannot be made due to lack of funds.

Bukit Aman to question Irwan Serigar over tax refunds

Bukit Aman CCID chief Amar Singh says everyone linked to the failure to refund RM16 billion worth of taxpayers' money will be called in for questioning.

Now, Guan Eng claims BN owed RM16 billion in tax refunds

The finance minister says some of the 1,653,786 cases due to a shortage of transfers from the direct tax revenue collected to the Tax Refunds Trust Fund date as far back as six years.

DAP: Customs owes Selangor local councils RM36 million in refunds

DAP representative asks if the federal government is broke and, therefore, cannot refund the GST tax to the 12 local councils in Selangor.