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Saudi 100% shisha tax sparks social media firestorm

Patrons angry their eatery bills are more than double the initial amount.

US airlines struggle with tariff on Airbus planes

Delta Air Lines called the proposed levy ‘an unfair tax on US consumers and companies.’

Go back to the people, says Guan Eng on calls to...

The finance minister reminded that people had rejected the tax when they voted in Pakatan Harapan last year.

Dr M was joking about bringing back GST, says analyst

James Chin dismisses the idea as something that won't happen, saying it is politically dangerous for PH.

Economists back return of GST, say it’s easier for businesses

Carmelo Ferlito from the think tank IDEAS proposes tiered GST of between 0% and 10%.

We can consider bringing back GST, says Dr M

The prime minister responds to an economist's call to reinstate the consumer tax at the coming budget.

EU loses big Starbucks tax case

Coffee chain Starbucks will not need to pay up to €30 million in back taxes to the Netherlands.

Apple slices EU as court battle over tax bill begins

Lawyer Daniel Beard claims tax demand delivered in 2016 "defies reality and common sense".

Philippines not satisfied with lower tax take from online gaming

Philippines finance secretary threatens to close down online gaming companies that fail to pay their taxes.

Tax vapes, e-cigarettes, don’t ban them

It would not be so bad for vape and e-cigarette devices to get accreditation from Sirim for a start.

No mega projects bad for business, cry heavy machinery firms

A group representing local heavy construction machinery businesses calls for more mega projects in 2020 as they did badly last year due to a lack of big projects.

India’s palm oil tax hike unlikely to hurt Malaysia overall, says...

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council says although there may be a decline in refined oil palm exports, crude palm oil exports will go up.

Nov 8 date fixed to hear tax arrears case against Najib

Justice Ahmad Bache also set the same date to hear Najib’s application to stay the proceedings.

India raises tax on refined Malaysian palm oil

Indian buyers had already started to reduce purchases last week after India raised its tax on palm oil imports from Malaysia.

Sweden to introduce bank tax to fund defence spending

Sweden has been strengthening its armed forces and is concerned about increasing tensions with Russia in the Baltic region.

We didn’t lie, we had inaccurate info on 16 Toyota Camry...

This follows finance ministry's explanation that it had never received any application from the Perak government to give tax exemption for the cars.

Philippines dangles tax perks to drive businesses out of Manila

The government is proposing an additional two years of incentives for companies that relocate outside Manila.

Apple set for September showdown with EU over record tax bill

The EU’s General Court will hear arguments in the challenges by the iPhone maker and Ireland over two days set for Sept 17-18.

Red meat could be the next sin tax after sugar

The meat industry has also been under fire after studies link eating too much red and processed meat to illnesses ranging from heart disease to cancer.

Uber created a US$6.1 bil Dutch weapon to avoid paying taxes

The US$6.1 billion deduction came through an increase in the value of intellectual property that Uber transferred between its offshore subsidiaries.

Tesla to pay China US$323 mil a year in tax for...

The US company must also spend US$2 billion in capital expenditure on the plant over the next five years.

Gerard Pique handed €2.1 mil tax bill

Spain’s National Court rejected Gerard Pique’s appeal against the 2016 sentence.

Govt sues Aeon Credit for unpaid taxes

Aeon Credit was slapped with additional tax and penalties amounting to RM96.82 million by IRB in December 2017.

Putrajaya goes to court to recover RM1.69 bil in taxes from...

The amount is additional tax assessments between 2011 and 2017.