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How to persuade Malaysians to switch to electric cars

Pure electric and fuel cell vehicles should not be subject to import taxes or enjoy free parking and discounted toll rates.

Palestinians keep up refusal of tax revenues after Israel cuts

Israel collects around US$190 million monthly in customs duties on goods heading to Palestine through Israeli ports.

We followed procedures, LHDN says after banning actress from travelling

The Inland Revenue Board says they will bar people from travelling if they fail to settle their outstanding tax.

Tax man will be all over the British royal baby

When one of the parents is American and has resided in the US for five years with at least two after the age of 14, the baby is automatically a citizen.

All it takes is 4 babies to enjoy ‘zero income tax’...

Some countries are so concerned over low birth rates that they are offering couples all sorts of incentives to help increase the population.

Income tax: How to calculate bonus and tax

Received your bonus or commission but wondering about the large deductions? Find out how your bonus & tax calculations are done.

Axiata confirms receipt of Nepal court order on Ncell purchase

Axiata says both it and Ncell have complied with all relevant regulatory and legal requirements and acknowledge the order without prejudice to their remedial rights.

French PM sees tax cuts as solution to ‘yellow vest’ anger

Successive French leaders have faced street protests every time they attempted to trim France's vast public sector.

Airbnb to share homeowner info with Danish taxman

Airbnb currently faces legal battles in several countries.

No law that Najib’s foreign donation not taxable, says expert

Veerinderjeet Singh says only donations from loved ones are tax exempt and if someone other than a loved one makes a donation, the question arises as to why the donation was given.

Apple, luxury brands drop China prices as VAT cuts take effect

Apple declined to comment on the price cuts, while Kering did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Filing taxes for 80 days: Brazil’s bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is holding back economic growth in Brazil.

National Housing Policy 2.0 could do with some tweaks

Rent-To-Own homes should not only be resold to the housing ministry but to qualified buyers already approved by them.

4 things to know about the voluntary tax programme

The Income Tax Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme allows you to declare any unreported income, with a lower penalty rate.

Manafort hit with 3.5 more years in prison, new charges

The veteran Republican operative apologised for his actions and asked for leniency during a sentencing hearing.

France plans 5% digital tax on internet giants

Internet giants such as Amazon will have a tax of 5% to help ensure 'fiscal justice.'

Audi A6 Hybrid replacement battery costs shared

Audi AG is working with Euromobil to ensure better pricing for all 2,000 car owners provided their cars are serviced and maintained at Euromobil service centres.

Jangan bimbang, kami percaya, LHDN beritahu pembayar cukai pengakuan sukarela

CEO Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri berkata pembayar cukai perlu percaya pada sistem cukai dan menerima tawaran Program Khas Pengakuan Sukarela (PKPS).

Cut palm oil tariff and we will buy your sugar, Indonesia...

Jakarta asks for 5% cut in India's import tax to match 45% tariff that New Delhi charges on products from Malaysia.

China’s rich can run from the taxman, but hiding is harder

Rich Chinese scurry for tax havens and scour ways to keep their wealth away from the evergrowing grasp of the authorities.

Govt has begun repaying RM37 bil refunds for GST, income tax...

It will be paid within 10 months and will spur economic development, he says.

Scam alert! Check your empty units, everyone

Unscrupulous people are renting out empty units at rock-bottom prices to unsuspecting tenants without the knowledge of the actual property owners.

Apple agrees 500 million euro tax settlement with France

French news weekly L'Express reports that Apple had paid nearly 500 million euros (US$570 million) to resolve the case in a confidential settlement reached in December.

Now pay us, Anifah tells Putrajaya after record tax collection

The former minister says the monies collected are enough to pay what is owed to Sabah and Sarawak.