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Tag: taxation

Complex new tax regulations baffles Japanese retailers

A bento box bought to be eaten outside qualifies for 8%, but if the customer eats in they will have to pay the new 10% rate.

Scrap obsolete tax incentives, Jomo urges govt

The former Council of Eminent Persons member says offering meaningful economic incentives will be good for the nation.

Malaysia to sign double-taxation treaty with Cambodia

Dr Mahathir Mohamad will witness the signing of the agreement to avoid double-taxation while on a visit beginning tomorrow.

Macron says tech giants enjoy ‘permanent tax haven status’

The digital tax law passed in France last month will affect US-based global giants like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, among others.

Atletico’s Costa to pay €1.7 mil to settle tax fraud case

Diego Costa is the latest footballer to fall foul of Spain’s tax authorities.

Taxman to hunt down evaders after Sept 30

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the voluntary disclosure programme is not likely to be extended, and Inland Revenue Board chief says 'big data' will be used to go after tax evaders.

No new tax measures in 2020 Budget, says Guan Eng

Finance Minister says any tax measures will be implemented early in the year, not in the middle of the year.

G20 digital tax takes a step closer

A total of 129 countries have signed off on a roadmap to grab a fairer tax share of the companies' booming sales.

Lloyds’ 2018 profit jumps over a quarter

Lloyds' Chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio says that given their UK focus, their performance is 'inextricably linked to the health of the UK economy'.

Violent clashes engulf Paris in new anti-Macron protests

An estimated 75,000 demonstrators, most of them peaceful, were counted across the country.

MTUC: Make higher education free, cap affordable housing at RM100,000

Its secretary-general J Solomon says under Budget 2019, the new government should focus on wealth redistribution so that the B40 and M40 groups benefit.

No sales tax on yachts, spacecraft, caviar and shark fin?

Consumers Association of Penang protests against tax-exemption shown for luxury items such as Arowana fish, shark fin, lobsters, light aircraft, helicopters and cruise ships.

Consumer groups fear higher cost of living after SST

Cassa chief dismayed by lack of consultation with 'experts like us' and says prices might go up across the board.

Customs: Two weeks enough for firms to make zero-GST changes

Subromaniam says reconfiguring a cash register systems will not take much time and can be done in half a day or after hours.

High-earners may punish PH for no-GST plan

Businessmen, professionals and developers find that GST encourages people to work harder, pay less income tax and take home more money.

See-To: Why should government pay GST to itself?

Barisan Nasional ticks off Pakatan Harapan for ignorance about how GST works and about government financing of ECRL project.

UK rolls out sugar tax in battle against obesity

Fanta, Ribena and Lucozade have already cut their sugar content to avoid the tax, but Coca-Cola and Pepsi will both stick with the same recipes.

Economist: Tax on tech firms could be major revenue source

Yeah Kim Leng says it is a fair move from the revenue perspective but consumers will have to shoulder the burden.

Consumer body: Abolish surcharges on credit cards

Cassa urges government to emulate UK government in banning such surcharges.

Holy Land churches snub Jerusalem reception over tax dispute

The dispute follows a surprise decision by Israeli officials in Jerusalem to begin collecting property taxes from Christian institutions.

‘Don’t revoke GST, study how revenue can be distributed’

Johor Bahru MP says many other countries have also implemented the GST but none have ever called for it to be revoked.

Should inheritance tax be brought back?

Think tank warns that reintroducing tax can have severe repercussions on economy.

‘Give migrants within Asean same social benefits as locals’

Researcher says migrants pay four times the charges levied on Malaysians at government hospitals while contributing higher ‘de facto income tax’ compared to locals.

Malaysia a success story, says former Bank Negara deputy governor

Arshad Ayub says it is, however, time to return to the drawing board to review the achievements and failures, including national economic policies.