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Tax online businesses, Dr M tells Asean members

The prime minister says online businesses have 'swallowed' conventional businesses.

New York passes bill that would allow Congress to get Trump...

The bill would allow the tax returns local and federal officials to be handed over to congressional committees if there is legitimate legislative purpose.

RM2.6 billion donation not subject to tax, says Najib

The former prime minister says income received from outside the country is not subject to tax, and that the donation was for Umno, not personal use.

Oil price not going up, time to revise budget, Putrajaya told

Economist Barjoyai Bardai says Malaysia is over-reliant on global oil prices and suggests revising the budget on a monthly basis.

Palestinian president rejects tax money from Israel

Israel collects taxes of around US$222 million each month in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip under interim peace deals.

Activist says Sabah leaders now mute on revenue owed by Putrajaya

Sabah and Sarawak activists are not convinced that the federal government will return the billions owed to the two states under MA63.

China focuses on stepping up fiscal spending to support economy

Though China achieved its fiscal revenue target for 2018, the government may unveil more fiscal stimulus during the annual parliamentary meeting in March.

Tax amnesty plan could fill country’s coffers, expert says

However, tax consultant Veerinderjeet Singh warns against repeating such amnesty in the future to further please tax evaders.

Tax digital economy, check civil service salaries, says World Bank economist

Richard Record says the external trade environment is unfavourable and Putrajaya needs to do more to cut costs and increase revenue as it prepares to announce Budget 2019.

All the mafan things about personal finance and life

Whether you like it or not, being an adult means getting insurance coverage, building up your savings and investing in your education, health and appearance.

Investors brace for tax on capital gains, consumers

A consumption levy may further constrain economic growth that has eased to the slowest pace in more than a year.

Economist warns of harmful effect of new and raised taxes

Carmelo Ferlito says the government, in addressing revenue shortfalls, should instead consider reducing expenditure.

Why PH shouldn’t tax investors of public-listed shares

Tax on share appreciation will discourage foreign and local investors from buying public-listed shares, which means companies will not be able to easily raise capital to expand their businesses.

Another look at tolls and GST

What has the new government done when it comes to reducing or renegotiating tolls and implementing an effective tax system?

Argentina unveils ’emergency’ austerity measures, grain export taxes

Macri said that far-reaching measures to balance the budget were the only way to draw a line under repeated bouts of financial turmoil over decades in Argentina.

Putin wants big business to spend US$120 billion to revive economy

The government says annual investment needs to rise by 19 trillion rubles from current levels by 2024 to meet Putin’s target for raising its share in GDP, according to Economy Minister Maxim Oreshkin.

10 things about self-employment you need to know

Although the first few months can get depressing as you may not see earnings, don't doubt your abilities. Instead soldier on, as things will definitely look up.

Russian aid helps war-torn Syrian families survive

The UN says some 6.5 million people in the country are unable to meet their food needs seven years into Syria's civil war.

Report ‘missing’ GST refunds to cops, Najib tells Guan Eng

The former prime minister says the finance minister should state that the money was stolen by Barisan Nasional.

Undeterred by taxes, IKEA puts together cheap India pricing

IKEA has to source at least 30% of its raw materials locally within five years of operations in the country as per Indian regulation.

‘Save Malaysia Fund’: Let the top 1% lead the way

Let the wealthiest 1% lead the campaign to save Malaysia from its national debt.

US companies found ways to avoid taxes before tax bill

The 15 corporations had profits of US$24.5 billion in 2017 but managed to obtain nearly US$1.4 billion in rebates from the US Treasury for a combined tax rate of minus 5.6%, according to the ITEP report.

Taxes key in war on ‘lifestyle’ disease, health experts say

The World Health Organization is in favour of taxes on tobacco, alcohol, and soft drinks.

Disclose the truth and damn the consequences

The people want all problems discussed and settled openly, not hidden behind loose talk.