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E-hailing drivers urge govt to set fares

Association president says price regulations will be fair to e-hailing drivers and cabbies.

Why cabbies can’t settle debts to taxi firms

The lending terms are too harsh, say drivers' associations and a transport expert.

Uber and other taxi firms to pay London congestion charge

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was making difficult choices to cut pollution.

Loke doesn’t call the shots on his own, says deputy transport...

Kamarudin Jaffar responds to taxi drivers who are demanding Loke Siew Fook's resignation as transport minister.

Don’t send Grab down taxi road, says expert

Transport expert says the government's focus should be on deregulating taxis rather than regulating Grab, but concedes that some matters, such as car inspections and insurance, are necessary.

Putrajaya and the public transport challenge

The transport minister should undertake a review of public transport provisions for Putrajaya before talking about other massive rail projects.

E-hailing drivers fret over new regulations

They say added costs might make it unviable for them to continue operating in the sector.

Uber taps into Japan with first taxi-hailing pilot

Uber said it would launch a pilot programme this summer to hook up tourists and residents in the western Awaji island with available taxi drivers.

Taxi groups call for abolition of SPAD

They say it has done nothing to improve public transportation.

Taxi rules now apply to e-hailing rides

Cabbies applaud as PM announced that the rules were approved by Cabinet and gazetted on April 6.

Google guru Page tests flying taxis in New Zealand

Known as Cora, the electric aircraft has a dozen small lift rotors on its wings, making it capable of vertical take-off and landing like a helicopter.

See-To: Why is DAP against legalising Uber, Grab?

BNSC deputy director says there is nothing wrong with KWAP making a smart investment in Uber, or working with MaGIC to promote entrepreneurship.

Nancy: Transport sector to lose out if e-hailing not used

If the new trend is not followed by the conventional taxi service providers, they will be marginalised and left far behind, says the minister.

Ride-hailing service Grab seeks RM10 billion to start GrabPay

Two investors, from Japan and China, are reported to have agreed to invest RM8.8 billion to help raise RM10.7 billion to fund Grab’s foray into financial services and expand its ride-hailing service in seven nations.

Grab: Taxi drivers welcome to join us, too

Communications director Regina Arumugam says Grab never intended to affect the income of public transport service providers such as taxi drivers.

From 5 classes to 3: SPAD revamps taxi licensing

Under the new structure, every car older than 10 years will have to migrate to one of the three new classes, SPAD tells daily.

Concrete measures needed for healthy taxi industry

The authorities must ensure the number of taxis do not fall below a critical mass to prevent surge pricing by transportation network companies.

Tourism sidelined in Budget, says cab operator

Investment to increase tourism is important because it helps increase the income of the taxi industry, says Shamsubahrin Ismail.

PM ‘looks down on taxi drivers’ as among poor

Suggesting that people in the B40 group become Uber drivers clearly shows what the PM thinks of taxi drivers in this country, they say.

Taxi companies expect huge losses after losing cabbies

Taxi industry may lose up to RM60 million by end-2016 with fewer new drivers, and thousands of old ones leaving due to the challenge of Uber and Grab.

SPAD seeks better protection for taxi drivers from companies

SPAD will push for change in laws to ensure a fairer deal between taxi drivers and taxi companies.

Cabbies plan six-day protest against Uber, Grab

Taxi-drivers' association says they are unhappy with the government decision to allow ride-hailing services to co-exist.

Govt may put tax on Uber, GrabCar service providers

Johari says Treasury is looking at making it compulsory for the ride-hailing services to register so they can see how much the ride apps make and tax them from there.

Taxi rules to be relaxed, new rules for Uber, Grab

Transport Minister says Uber and GrabCar drivers will need new driver's card under Road Transport Act.