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Tag: Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey’s opposition takes office in Istanbul, appeal still pending

Turkey may have a re-election despite Ekrem Imamoglu being declared as Istanbul's mayor.

Kempen Erdogan tayang video serangan masjid dikritik NZ

Recep Tayyip Erdogan menayangkan video tembakan masjid di Christchurch dalam kempen pilihan rayanya pada hujung minggu lalu.

Syria `Safe Zone’ should be entrusted to Turkey, Erdogan says

Trump lent support to the creation of a safe zone, though he also threatened to 'devastate Turkey economically' if Turkish troops attacked Kurds in Syria.

Erdogan invites Trump to visit Turkey

The Turkish presidency said Trump and Erdogan agreed during a phone call on Sunday to coordinate to prevent an authority vacuum from developing as the United States withdraws from Syria.

Laporan: Turki arah tahan 219 anggota tentera berhubung siasatan kes Gulen

Polis menjalankan siri serbuan ke atas kumpulan yang didakwa menyokong pendakwah Fethullah Gulen sejak percubaan merampas kuasa Julai 2016.

Turkey’s leaks hurting Khashoggi inquiry, says Bloomberg columnist

The leaks, and the motivation behind them, have become subject of much speculation.

Turkey, Cambodia aim to boost trade to US$1 billion

The two leaders signed eight memorandums of understanding (MOU) including in the areas of education and agriculture.

Turkey president meets Saudi king over missing journalist

Turkish officials say they believe he was killed inside the consulate and macabre claims have been published in Turkish media.

Turkey’s Erdogan tells Saudis to prove missing journalist left Istanbul consulate

Erdogan says authorities were examining camera footage and airport records as part of their investigation.

Erdogan vows to “finish” Kurdish militants in Iraq to avenge dead...

Speaking to members of his ruling AK Party at the start of a two-day summit in the outskirts of Ankara, Erdogan said the PKK would pay the price for the eight soldiers.

Cologne on lockdown as Erdogan wraps up ill-tempered visit to Germany

Police snipers were stationed on rooftops and the area was cordoned off after the city authorities cancelled plans for up to 25,000 people to be allowed to gather outside the mosque.

Erdogan: Turkey will stand its ground faced with US sanctions

The friendship between the United States and Turkey is on the line in this dispute.

Turkey’s Erdogan sworn in with new presidential powers

Erdogan says the powerful new executive presidency is vital to drive economic growth, ensure security after a failed 2016 military coup and safeguard the country from the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

Erdogan’s ‘crazy’ canal alarms villagers and environmentalists

Villagers fear the canal will destroy what remains of their agricultural land.

Kurdish protesters clash with police at German airport, disrupt UK stations

Several people in Germany were left injured after police used pepper spray against some demonstrators opposed to Turkey's ongoing military operation "Olive Branch" against the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) in Syria's Afrin region.

Turkey wants NBA star jailed for insulting President Erdogan

New York Knicks star Enes Kanter hits out at the Turkish president, calling him an 'honouless' man.

Turks vote in historic referendum on expanding Erdogan’s power

Opinion polls have given a narrow lead for a "Yes" vote, which would replace Turkey's parliamentary democracy with an all-powerful presidency and may see Erdogan in office until at least 2029.

60 maut, 754 ditahan cuba rampas kuasa di Turki

Erdogan mendakwa cubaan rampasan kuasa itu didalangi pengikut ulama berpangkalan di Amerika Syarikat, Fethullah Gulen.

Pemimpin pembangkang Malaysia sokong Presiden Turki

Pemimpin PH menyifatkan cubaan menukar tampuk pemerintahan di Turki itu sebagai perbuatan tidak mengendahkan proses demokratik dan kehendak rakyat.