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Transferring a sadistic teacher sends the wrong message

Teachers accused of abusing their students must be made to face the law, not moved to other schools.

Teachers in Jordan back to school with up to 60% pay...

Government gives in after one-month strike disrupts studies of 1.5 mil students.

Treat bullying seriously as taxpayers bear damages, say lawyers

This follows RM600,000 in damages awarded by court to student bullied in Terengganu school.

Creative videos by teachers to be placed in ministry portal

Many teachers are sharing their knowledge and expertise through interactive videos, and they will be collated by the education ministry.

Raatchasi ignites self-reflection among teachers

Maszlee Malik is right to urge teachers to watch the movie ‘Raatchasi’ as it has many lessons which, if taken to heart, may just help improve the schooling experience.

HK’s weekend of protests begins with teachers’ rallying in the rain

The teachers' rally has the approval of the police and went on peacefully.

Up to teachers how to expose khat to students, says NUTP

Union says teachers should be allowed use their judgment.

Ill-planned ‘inclusive education’ endangers our children

The roadmap to inclusive education in preschools must be put away until both state and civil society awaken to their responsibilities.

PPSMI good but ensure past mistakes not repeated, says NUTP

The union says Putrajaya must prepare properly before bringing back the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics in English programme, a sentiment shared by two others in the education field.

2,687 picked to teach Science, Maths in English in Sarawak

The state education minister says training for the teachers will begin by September.

Half of English teachers have poor English skills, says don

Teo Kok Seong of UKM tells NUTP to stop denying this.

Stop blaming teachers for pupils’ poor English, says union

NUTP president says a comprehensive study should be made to find out the causes.

Give enough for Sarawak to teach Science and Maths in English,...

Academic Jeniri Amir says education should be above political differences.

Strict but with a heart of gold: A teacher who moulds...

Nothing makes Saramah Varughese prouder than to see her former trainees take up leadership roles in the world outside.

Maszlee agrees more English teachers needed

Education Minister says serving teachers are being trained to do better, while more teachers are being sought.

Declare crisis over lack of English teachers, advisory council member tells...

Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim, a member of the National Education Advisory Council, says the country is short of 2,000 English language teachers, and that every year another 1,000 retire.

Committee to manage toxic waste to be set up

DoE says committee's functions will be to decide on any issues related to toxic waste management in the future.

How comparative research can help our education system

Training programmes for teachers should include a comparative education element which allows for an understanding of geographical differences and variances between urban and rural populations, among others.

Moroccan teachers stage new demo over benefits

Teachers on temporary contracts have been on strike since March 3 demanding permanent employment arrangements that would improve their rights and benefits, especially over retirement.

Enough talk, time to set right our national schools

Our selection of teachers and headmasters, and also university lecturers, needs to be drastically improved.

Intensify training to improve English proficiency of teachers, Putrajaya told

The National Union of Teaching Profession says the number of those capable of teaching Science and Mathematics in English is limited.

Not all past teachers good, not all present teachers bad

Although many older people tend to think that teachers of the past had more commitment and passion, there were also some poor excuses for teachers then, just as there are some excellent teachers today.

Change the teachers to improve the education system

Most people say that teachers in the past were full of passion and dedication and that they genuinely cared for their students but that today’s teachers are a different lot altogether.

Form Six teachers irked over more work for same pay

They say they also have to deal with administrative duties which have nothing to do with teaching or learning.