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Police fire tear gas as subway closure fails to deter thousands

Hong Kong crowd flood streets in rain to protest face mask ban.

Jokowi tells police to be gentle to protesters

2 students died in violent clash with police, inviting widespread criticism.

Hong Kong: Violence spreads, police attacked

More violence are expected in Hong Kong over the weekend.

Tear gas fired after HK protesters call on Trump to ‘liberate’...

Protestors turn violent in Causeway Bay after rallying at the US consulate, resulting in the firing of tear gas by the police.

India imposes curfew in Kashmir after Muharram procession clashes

The clashes resulted in injury to 12 locals and six troops.

Police stop airport protest but tear gas fired again in Kowloon

There were some standoffs between protesters and police in Tung Chung as authorities fired tear gas at demonstrators, but there was no sign of violence.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas as protests resume despite withdrawal...

Hundreds of protesters, many of them masked and dressed in black, took cover behind umbrellas and barricades made from street fencing.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas, water cannon in latest clashes

Police fired tear gas at protesters as they took cover behind umbrellas between the local headquarters of China's People's Liberation Army and government HQ.

Hong Kong police arrest 36, youngest aged 12, as turmoil escalates

Sunday's violent protests between the Hong Kong police force and demonstrators has resulted in more arrests, including that of a minor.

Hong Kong police fire first gunshot, water cannon in protest clashes

An afternoon rally in the district of Tsuen Wan spiralled into violent running confrontations with at least one police officer firing his sidearm during pitched battles with protesters.

Kashmir protesters defy restrictions, clash with security forces

Kashmiris continue to retaliate against the Modi government, while Indian security forces try to disperse the crowd as separatists seek secession from India.

HK activists, Beijing supporters demonstrate in London

More than 1,000 people took part in the opposing demonstrations.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters as confrontation looms

Chants of 'Liberate Hong Kong' had earlier echoed through the streets when more than a thousand black-shirted protesters marched, some with their pets, amid a carnival atmosphere.

Thousands protest in Kashmir despite clampdown

A large group of Kashmiris assembled in the Soura area protesting the Indian government's withdrawal of Kashmir's special rights.

Falling tear gas canisters raise risk of HK protester death

Masked police were seen on rooftops where aluminium tear gas canisters fell at least 10 stories landing in the middle of protesters.

Tear gas fired at Hong Kong protesters close to Beijing’s office

The clashes are the second consecutive day of violence in a city reeling from weeks of anti-government protests that show no sign of abating.

Police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at Hong Kong citizens protesting...

Hong Kong is facing its worst crisis in recent history after millions of demonstrators took to the streets – and sporadic violent confrontations erupted between police and pockets of hardcore protesters.

Venezuela troops fire tear gas on demo at Colombia border

After moments of rising tension, riot police advanced and began firing teargas while some protesters responded by hurling rocks.

Police teargas ‘yellow vest’ protesters in Paris

Police have fired tear gas grenades and detained several protestors.

Tear gas, mass arrests as new ‘yellow vest’ protests hit Paris

Shouts of "Macron, resign" has mingled with tear gas near the famous Champs-Elysees avenue.

“Yellow vest” protesters clash with police in Paris, 24 arrested

Police said 24 people had been arrested amid concerns that violent far-right and far-left groups were infiltrating the "yellow vests" movement.

‘There were children,’ says migrant mother tear-gassed at US border

US President Donald Trump has taken a hardline stance against the migrants, who have made their way north from violent and impoverished Central American countries.

US agents fire tear gas at migrants trying to cross from...

Mexican Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete accused some of the migrants of attempting to cross from Tijuana in a violent way, and said they would be deported.

Paris police fire tear gas, water cannon against ‘yellow vest’ protesters

Police said the protestors had tried to break through a cordon several times but had been prevented from doing so, with tear gas used more than once.