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Teenage star Gauff reaches maiden WTA final

The 15-year-old describes her first WTA final as 'unreal'.

Never give up, Greta Thunberg tells Iowa climate activists

The 16-year-old tells hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the rally that ‘no matter what, we need to continue.’

Missing Irish teen never wandered off before, say parents

Six days after Nora Anne Quoirin was reported missing, her parents say the 15-year-old has been to Asia and many European countries before and had never wandered off or got lost.

Those who incited girl to commit suicide liable to 20 years’...

It states that under Penal Code, it is wrong to incite someone aged below 18 to commit suicide.

UK teen who joined IS has given birth in Syria

Shamima Begum gave birth to a boy, according to family lawyer Mohammed Akunjee.

Teen builds own prosthetic Lego arm

"Hand Solo" vows to make more affordable prosthetic solutions for those who need them.

Saudi teen who fled family leaves Thailand for asylum in Canada

The decision is likely to exacerbate Canada's already poor relations with Saudi Arabia.

Russia probes terror after teen suicide attack on FSB

Investigators said they were checking whether the suspected bomber was a member of any banned organisations.

MP was with teen in car for a chat, say police

Police give chronology of teen’s complaint against MP and the subsequent withdrawal of the report.

Puchong tragedy: Body of boy found in disused mining pond

Six firefighters had drowned while searching for his body yesterday.

Indonesian court clears teenage rape victim jailed for abortion

Indonesia, which usually limits abortion to cases of a medical emergency, permits it in rape cases during the first 40 days of a pregnancy.

London looks for answers as murder rate soars

Two teenagers have been fatally shot and another was stabbed in the northeast of the city on Monday night.

US ‘affluenza’ defendant released from jail

The term, coined from affluence and influenza, implies that financial privilege made the teenager unable to understand the consequences of his actions.

Medical grad gets 10 years jail for pimping teen

Man changes plea to guilty after a number of witnesses were called by prosecution.

Filipino actress says theme parks must be safe, after daughters harassed

Beauty queen whose daughters were allegedly traumatised by men at a Malaysian theme park says innocent children and tourists should not be subjected to such disturbance.

Tortured ‘brain dead’ teen wanted to be like AR Rahman

Friends and relatives tell a tale of secret societies, threats behind Friday’s gruesome incident involving an epileptic teen deemed ‘effeminate’.

Grow up, Guan Eng tells deputy minister and teen blogger

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng hits out at deputy minister who praised teen blogger for lodging police report on ‘seditious’ blog post.

Husband, wife charged with causing injury to teen

Man pleads guilty over assault on brother-in-law, 14, and will serve three years' jail, as wife claims trial.

Runaway teen killed in accident

Fifteen-year-old had tried to cross the Kesas Highway.