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Tag: Teenagers

Watch, money missing after fire, Cradle Fund CEO’s murder trial told

Fireman also agrees with lawyer's suggestion that a handphone was missing in pictures of the scene taken by the police.

Cradle Fund boss murder trial hears about Arsenal fans placing flowers

Nepalese guard Raju Kumar Pandit admits some visitors had laid flowers and Arsenal football jerseys at her home after a fire broke out.

Teens who stay single have better social skills, are less depressed,...

Every year, the students are asked whether they have dated, as well as to report on social and emotional factors.

Teen lovers killed brother after quarrel, say police

The victim's body is found wrapped in plastic and dumped in the backyard of an empty house.

Teenager Anisimova stuns Halep to set up Barty semi-final

American Amanda Anisimova and Australian Ashleigh Barty will battle it out at the French Open semis after defeating champ Simona Halep.

Court allows bail for teens accused of killing Cradle Fund CEO

High Court judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman says granting bail for non-bailable offences is not an extraordinary practice.

Parents need to do their jobs, activist says after study on...

Voice of the Children chairman Sharmila Sekaran says parents are responsible for knowing what is happening in their child's life, both online and offline.

Court to decide next week on bail for teens in Cradle...

Lawyers claim one of them was sexually and physically assaulted while under detention.

Teen accused of Cradle CEO’s murder assaulted in detention, say lawyers

Lawyers say they will ask the court to allow him and another youth charged with the same offence to be let out on bail.

Britain’s Asda supermarkets to stop selling single kitchen knives

Following a wave of fatal stabbings, Asda says it will remove single kitchen knives by the end of April.

Indonesia’s Aceh whips teens for public cuddling

Rights groups slam public caning as cruel, and Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has called for it to end.

Study the problem before giving a solution

When it comes to problems like youth delinquency and drug trafficking, a holistic and multi-pronged approach is better than piecemeal solutions.

Late-night teen curfew needs further study, says Mujahid

The minister in charge of Islamic affairs says some teenagers hang out with friends to watch live football matches.

Five teens dead in Polish escape room fire

Fire spokesman Tomasz Kubiak could only confirm that the dead were women.

As TikTok videos take hold with teens, parents scramble to keep...

The app itself promises a video-sharing community that's 'raw, real and without boundaries' and claims to be appropriate for children aged 12 and older.

‘Dear My Genius’ documents South Korea’s obsession with education

'Dear My Genius' follows the director's seven-year-old sister and mother - who has plans to turn the little girl into a so-called gifted child.

High Court frees teens remanded over Cradle Fund CEO murder case

Police had last Sunday obtained a remand order from the magistrate’s court to hold the siblings, aged 14 and 17, for seven days.

Just one hour a week of secondhand smoke exposure can affect...

New US research has found that as little as one hour of exposure to tobacco smoke per week can significantly impact teenagers' health, causing a variety of respiratory problems.

Teens are spending more time on social media and less time...

New research published by the American Psychological Association has found that the number of teenagers reading is dropping at an alarming rate

The Darkest Minds: A lot of action with a lot of...

The story of how four kids make a run for their lives as they come to terms with their newfound but inexplicable superpowers and lean on each other for survival.

HIV infects one teenaged girl every 3 minutes: UN

Every three minutes, a girl between the ages of 15 and 19 is infected with the virus that causes AIDS, said a UN report Wednesday that warned of a "crisis" fuelled by gender inequality.

Paying lip service to child marriage

In Malaysia, we wrap our children in cotton wool but at the same time contemplate marrying off 11-year-olds to older men.

US teens may smoke hookah because ‘everyone else is doing it’

Approximately 11% of US teenagers smoke hookah.

Parents say teens’ time alone with pediatricians is important

Fifty-eight percents of parents surveyed said that this time alone was of utmost importance to their teenage children.