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Tag: Tehran

Enemies seek to sow discord between Iran and Iraq, says Khamenei

But Iran's supreme leader confident 'bond tied by hearts and souls will grow stronger day by day'.

Iran to US: ‘You have to pay more’ for a new...

Iranian official says US need to lift sanctions and return to the nuclear deal.

Traces of uranium found in Iran’s ‘atomic warehouse’

The IAEA are investigating the particles' origin and have asked Iran to explain the traces.

Ex-Tehran mayor sentenced to death over wife’s murder

Mohammad Ali Najafi's trial received detailed coverage in state media where scandals related to politicians rarely appear on television. f

Iran traders ride bull market despite US sanctions

Iran's stock market is thriving, despite US sanctions that batter its economy and an uncertain future as geopolitical tensions soar in the Gulf.

US lawmakers clash on Iran intelligence before briefing

General Joseph Dunford will head to the US Capitol to apprise lawmakers from both chambers on the latest developments, an official says.

Students clash over hijab use at Tehran University

There are no reports of any casualties or arrests.

US urges UN to bring back restrictions on Iran over missiles

US acting Ambassador Jonathan Cohen warned Iran's activities were destabilising the entire Middle East and risk triggering an arms race.

Britain to grant jailed UK-Iranian mother ‘diplomatic protection’

UK-Iranian citizen Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was sentenced to five years in prison in September 2016 for alleged sedition.

Iran releases French national arrested for illegal entry

Nelly Erin-Cambervelle was arrested on the grounds of having signed an illegal contract and carrying out a non-authorised trip.

Death toll in Iran alcohol poisoning jumps to 84

The most poisoning cases were reported in Alborz province north of Tehran and Hormozgan on the south coast.

US in new global court showdown with Iran

Iran won a shock victory last week when the ICJ ruled that the US must lift sanctions against Tehran targeting humanitarian goods like food and medicine.

US counterterrorism strategy puts new focus on Iran and proxies

Counterterrorism strategy documents outline a US administration's blueprint for tackling the threat of extremism – from military action to intelligence operations to cooperating with partners and allies and the use of sanctions and other financial tools.

Israel slams Iran, claims secret atomic warehouse

Netanyahu says Iran has a secret atomic warehouse in Tehran which he urges the UN atomic agency to inspect.

Iran trying to drive wedge between US, Europeans, says UAE

UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash is concerned by the public differences between the remaining European signatories to the accord.

Iran warns US, Israel of revenge after parade attack

Four assailants fired on a viewing stand in Ahvaz where Iranian officials had gathered to watch an annual event marking the start of the Islamic Republic's 1980-88 war with Iraq.

Iran film for Oscars stirs debate on home front

The subject matter makes it 'a caustic film' as regards its portrayal of life in Iran.

US vows to respond ‘decisively’ to attacks in Iraq by Tehran...

Since Donald Trump took over the White House in early 2017, Washington has set Iran in its sights, accusing it of seeking to destabilise the Middle East.

Under fire, Iraq PM visits Basra after deadly violence

For five days last week protesters had flooded the streets, clashing with security forces and torching the provincial headquarters, the Iranian consulate and the offices of armed groups.

Fate of Syria’s Idlib in balance at Tehran summit

On Friday morning, Russian air raids pounded rebel positions in the southwest of Idlib province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Khamenei says US, Israel wage media war to discourage Iranians

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have backed Trump’s decision to reimpose sanctions on Tehran, reflecting the wealthy oil exporters' concern about Iran’s ballistic missile programme and support for militant groups.

UK minister holds first talks in Iran since US quit nuclear...

Britain and other European signatories are trying to keep the nuclear deal alive, despite Trump's reimposition of sanctions on Tehran.

Iran: French call for more negotiations “bullying and excessive”

The agreement, reached after years of painstaking negotiations, limited Iran's nuclear development programmes in exchange for an easing of sanctions.

Rouhani vows to defeat “anti-Iranian” officials in the White House

US President Donald Trump withdrew in May from a deal that had lifted sanctions on Tehran in return for curbs on its nuclear programme.