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Tag: television

Netflix rivals turn to free services as streaming wars intensify

Content upstarts look to ad-based model to deliver innovative and exclusive programming.

Children’s programmes struggle with LGBTQ characters

‘Bravest Knight’ producer embraces debate around cartoon featuring gay characters.

LGBTQ characters and shows in focus at Emmys

Things are starting to change in Hollywood by the number of LGBTQ nominees at this year’s Emmy Awards.

‘Game of Thrones’ seeks record in final Emmys battle

The most decorated fictional show in Emmys history, ‘Game of Thrones’ has twice won 12 awards in a single season.

The big business of classic TV for streaming giants

As online video platforms jockey for position with new rivals for audience share, classic television series are commanding hefty sums.

Silver spoon to silver screen: Downton Abbey makes cinematic debut

The Crawley family make their comeback, this time on the silver screen after the series drew to a close in 2015 following nine successful years.

HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ sparks tours, stokes fears in Lithuania

Lithuania, which like Ukraine is a former Soviet republic, began decommissioning Ignalina in December 2009.

Huawei launches first product with own operating system

Huawei unveils a new smart television, the first product to use its own HarmonyOS operating system.

‘Peaky Blinders’ to return in late August

Season 5 will take place during the Great Depression that followed the 1929 Market Crash, as well as the 'the rise of fascism, racism, nationalism, populism.'

The cast of ‘Friends’ gets a Lego makeover for the series’...

The box, which will contain 1,070 bricks, will be available on September 1, 2019.

‘Four Weddings’ gets a reboot, without the floppy-haired British guy

Mindy Kaling, best known as a co-star and a writer on the US version of 'The Office,' said that re-imagining the beloved British film was daunting.

‘Downton Abbey’ producers at work on new historical series

Set in the 1460s, the novel tells the story of a young priest who comes to a remote English village to oversee his predecessor's funeral, only to discover dark secrets afoot.

Wu-Tang Clan gets back to its roots in new TV series

Producer Brian Grazer, who won an Oscar for 'A Beautiful Mind,' says he had been fascinated by the Wu-Tang Clan since its early days.

‘Handmaid’s Tale’ renewed for 4th season

The drama series is set in a world where women are reduced to sexual slavery under a totalitarian regime called Gilead.

John Krasinski signs first-look deal with Amazon Studios

Krasinski, via his production company Sunday Night, as well his associates Allyson Seeger and Alexa Ginsburg, will develop projects for the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.

James Cameron is making a Nat Geo ocean documentary series

The new documentary series follows a team of scientists to the heart of the Indian Ocean aboard an ultra-sophisticated submarine.

Analogue TV transmission closes down in Langkawi

Switch to digital myFreeview broadcasts to be completed by third quarter across the country.

‘Avengers’ directors eye ‘Avatar’ record, plot Marvel actor movies

The Russo brothers say being so close to ‘Avatar’s’ box office record is special to them as James Cameron is one of their idols.

Pop culture hit ‘Gossip Girl’ gets a makeover for HBO Max

Warnermedia's HBO Max orders a new, 10-episode series that will be set eight years after the original, and will follow a new generation of private school kids.

Netflix hopes ‘Stranger Things’ can be its billion-dollar franchise

Netflix attempts to turn 'Stranger Things,' already its most popular original show in the US, into a lucrative franchise.

Thrilling yarn: Tapestry depicts ‘Game of Thrones’ saga

The team of volunteers at the Ulster Museum are putting the final touches to a 90 metre tapestry depicting all eight seasons of the fantasy saga.

Facebook is daily news source for 21% of adults in Philippines

Facebook is a daily news source for 13.9 million people in the Philippines while 40.4 million people still get information through television.

Real-life sequel to pan-Asian hit romance ends in divorce

Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki were Asia's answer to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Taboo-breaking TV soap on sex and women has Senegal in a...

In conservative Senegal, where even an on-screen kiss is rare, the self-described monitors of public morality are in uproar.