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Petisyen tuntut keadilan atas kematian pembantu rumah Indonesia dilancar

Petisyen itu ditujukan kepada peguam negara, menteri sumber manusia dan menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri.

Same old plan to tackle issue of undocumented migrants won’t work,...

Tenaganita says a more holistic approach must include a comprehensive programme to weed out perpetrators and clean up the enforcement agencies.

Prioritise new law on domestic workers, Tenaganita tells govt

Its executive director Glorene A Das also questions how changing the word 'maid' to 'employee' in the current Employment Act will guarantee the protection of domestic workers.

Detained Cambodian teen released, reunited with family

Brought to Malaysia when she was 14, she worked for two years without pay and then was kept in a detention centre in Penang.

Pelajar undang-undang guna wang hadiah hari jadi bantu NGO

Nithiyah Tamilwanan menyumbang wang sebanyak RM900 yang diterima sebagai hadiah hari jadi kepada Tenaganita.

Law student donates RM900 birthday money to Tenaganita

Nithiyah Tamilwanan says she was impressed with the civil society group's work on human rights issues.

Protect Cambodian girl, don’t place her in detention centre, says Tenaganita

With credible allegations of abuse, torture and degrading treatment of those held there, the civil society group says the detention of a child in such a place goes against international norms.

Tenaganita dubious over Wang Kelian RCI

The government is urged to give details of how the probe will be conducted given the likelihood of a lack of witnesses.

Protect foreign victims of human trafficking too, Putrajaya told

Activists says under current practice, even newborn babies are sent to detention camps.

Expert raises concern over ignorance about paedophilia

USM's Mohd Taufik Mohammad says parents must familiarise themselves with the issue and teach children not to speak to strangers.

Malaysia kini tumpuan pasaran seks bawah umur, kata aktivis

Malaysia semakin menjadi destinasi lelaki yang mahukan seks bawah umur, tetapi rakyat umum kurang peka.

Paedophiles target Malaysian kids after infamous Asian countries up pressure

Ordinary Malaysians are unaware of the problem, with families innocently handing kids over to 'aunties' acting for sex syndicates, claims Tenaganita.

Group calls for tougher laws a year after domestic worker’s death

Tenaganita's Glorene Das says only when the rights of domestic workers are protected by laws, and domestic workers recognised as workers, will abuse decline.

Pekerja asing ‘dalam ketakutan’ kerana sukar baharui permit

Pembantu rumah dari Indonesia dan Filipina gagal memperbaharui permit kerja kerana masalah ketelusan dalam prosedur.

Delay in permit renewal leaves foreign workers in limbo

Workers and employers alike are frustrated by the long wait and lack of transparency, says Tenaganita.

Building on the legacy of Irene Fernandez

Tenaganita director Glorene Das says the founder was a visionary who thought 20 years ahead of her time.

Aktivis kongsi kenangan indah selamatkan ‘mayat hidup’

Pengarah Eksekutif Tenaganita Glorene Das mengenang kembali pengalaman gadis Bangladesh yang didera selepas menjadi pekerja domestik di Malaysia.

Migrant rights activist’s sweet moment of saving the ‘living dead’

Tenaganita's Glorene Das tells how a 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl went through the darkest chapter of her life in Malaysia.

Send foreign workers home if you cannot protect them, Putrajaya told

Tenaganita says Malaysians cannot keep quiet any longer and let foreign workers continue to suffer.

Crackdown on illegals puts trafficking victims in danger

Tenaganita says many workers are duped by traffickers into coming to Malaysia, where they were not given legal work documents.

Here’s how to stop recruitment of Rohingya, says Tenaganita

Tenaganita director Glorene Das says the government will be equally responsible for the outcome if the Rohingya community is not recognised in the country.

Op Mega 3.0 Imigresen tidak senada dengan ‘Malaysia baru’, kata aktivis

Ia berkaitan dengan layanan tidak berperikemanusiaan terhadap pekerja migran tanpa dokumen, kata Tenaganita.

Crackdown not in sync with ‘new Malaysia’, immigration told

It's about the inhumane treatment of undocumented migrant workers, says Tenaganita.

Stop and think, govt warned of vicious cycle in crackdown against...

Tenaganita says the never ending raids on undocumented foreign workers are bordering on lunacy as authorities expect different results with the same actions.