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Tag: Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat

Form committee to speed up judicial reform, ex-Bar chief tells CJ

Ragunath Kesavan says one major reform is to ensure the ordinary man has easy access to justice.

Announce next chief judge of Malaya without delay, Putrajaya urged

The CJM's position has been vacant for two months following the retirement of Zaharah Ibrahim on May 16.

Make allegations through proper channels, not on social media, says CJ

You can also write to top judges if you have information on alleged wrongdoing by the judiciary, says Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat.

Rohana Yusuf antara calon hakim besar Malaya yang baru

Suruhanjaya Pelantikan Kehakiman juga mencadangkan hakim kanan Mahkamah Persekutuan, Azahar Mohamed untuk jawatan hkim besar Malaya.

Jawatan ketua hakim negara bukan tekanan, tetapi tanggungjawab, kata Tengku Maimun

Berkelulusan dari Universiti Malaya, Tengku Maimun memulakan kariernya sebagai pegawai undang-undang di Lembaga Pembangunan Kelantan Selatan pada 1982.

A challenge to maintain public confidence in judiciary, says new CJ

Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat also says there is a need to manage the negative perception against the judiciary

No special treatment for high profile cases, says CJ

Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat says it is public expectation that casts a different air surrounding high profile cases

Tengku Maimun angkat sumpah jawatan ketua hakim negara depan Agong

Pelantikan Tengku Maimun yang berkuat kuasa 2 Mei selaras dengan Fasal (1) Perkara 122B Perlembagaan Persekutuan bagi menggantikan Richard Malanjum yang bersara pada 12 April.

Legal eagles hail Tengku Maimun’s appointment as top judge

They say she is known as a fair judge who is always courteous to parties appearing before her.

Tengku Maimun dilantik sebagai ketua hakim negara ganti Richard Malanjum

Tengku Maimun merupakan wanita pertama dilantik sebagai ketua hakim negara.

2 women among 3 judges promoted to Federal Court, says source

Federal Court will now have 6 women judges, the highest number ever in the apex court of 14.

Bar fails to overturn decision to clear lawyer over PI Bala...

Court of Appeal rules that complaint and evidence against Cecil Abraham was patchy and largely unsafe to find him guilty of professional misconduct.

Teacher told to enter defence over leakage of UPSR papers

However, Subbarau Kamalanathan scores a small victory as Court of Appeal rules that he can raise all defences available to secure an acquittal.

Court maintains RM200,000 award to family of man who died in...

Court of Appeal rules compensation made by High Court is fair, as lawyer hopes government does not appeal further to bring closure for family of deceased.

Constitution gives power to Penang to set up Voluntary Patrol Unit

The state executive council's decision to form the PPS was well within its administrative power to set up ‘local government services’ to the State, says Court of Appeal.