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Tag: territorial waters

Philippines warns of ‘unfriendly’ greeting for uninvited warships

The Philippine military says there have been multiple sightings this year of Chinese warships moving within the country's 12 mile territorial sea.

What’s the fuss over Johor MB’s visit to vessel, asks Dr...

The prime minister says Osman Sapian can go into international waters without Singapore sending warships 'to chase him away'.

Singapore calls off Iskandar meeting after Johor MB’s ‘intrusion’ into its...

Johor Menteri Besar Osman Sapian, however, refutes claims he entered Singapore's waters when he visited the area where Malaysian vessels are patrolling.

Singapore hopes for smooth discussion of maritime issues

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat however urges Malaysia to cease the alleged intrusions of government vessels into Singapore waters.

In tit-for-tat, Singapore extends its port limits

The island republic says it wants an amicable solution but warns it is ready to act firmly if there are more ‘intrusions’ by Malaysian vessels.

Why Putrajaya can’t own state oil and gas

A Sarawak rights activist argues that the federal government's right of sovereignty doesn't give it rights over property.