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Tag: Terrorism Financing

EU broadens its dirty-money blacklist, adds Saudi Arabia

Critics said the list fell short of including several countries that have been involved in money-laundering scandals in Europe.

Mixed emotions in Germany as 500-euro note bows out

While the plan to slowly kill off the 500-euro note has made few waves abroad, it sparks emotional debate in Germany where many fear it is a prelude to abolishing cash altogether.

Transparency International: Put seized graft money into Tabung Harapan

Transparency International Malaysia says assets and cash seized by the MACC should be used to help settle the nation’s debts and for programmes to benefit the people.

Digital currencies: BNM tackles money laundering, terrorism financing

The central bank issues policy document to ensure effective measures are in place.

Asean should unify efforts to combat terrorism, says expert

Expert says if there is no unity in efforts, an Asean counterterrorism coalition would be just another bureaucracy to draw funds away from practitioners on the ground.

Police to probe links of Filipino doctor suspected of financing Movida...

The Filipino doctor implicated in the foiled Islamic State-inspired attacks on New York City is believed to have funded the grenade bombing of the Movida nightclub in Puchong, Selangor.

‘Donations to charity may be financing terrorism’

A police expert says websites and social media pleading for donations to help poor Muslim families could be a front for terrorist groups.