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UK supermarkets go ‘nude’ with plastic-free zones

Retailers in Britain are starting to embrace the 'Food in the Nude' campaigns which promotes stripping their shelves of plastic wrapping.

Tesco to cut 4,500 UK jobs as grocer streamlines Metro stores

Britain’s biggest retailer says it will streamline operations at its 153 medium-size Metro stores in city centres while reducing opening hours at 134 Express convenience stores.

Tesco unveils high-end store concept

The grocer also says it sees an opportunity to reduce costs, allowing it to improve its offering and increase its margin.

CEO hails Tesco recovery as profit and dividend jump

The supermarket group is being rebuilt by the former Unilever executive following a 2014 accounting scandal.

Kenapa minyak pelincir Shell dijual lebih murah di Tesco?

Mungkin tidak ramai tahu banyak perbezaan minyak pelincir buatan tempatan dan yang diimport sehingga memberi perbezaan harga yang besar.

Why is the Shell Lubricant in Tesco so much cheaper?

The difference in price of RM161 is strange and sounds like someone is getting played out. Or not. Read on to find out.

Yes, I stole the people’s hearts, says Najib

The former prime minister scoffs at remarks by PKR deputy president Azmin Ali that he is 'pencuriku', not 'Bossku'.

Ya, saya pencuri hati rakyat, kata Najib

Bekas perdana menteri Najib Razak disambut ratusan pengunjung Tesco Semenyih dengan mesra malam tadi.

Tesco finance director fraud case dropped

Rogberg, 52, had been accused of knowing that income was being wrongly included in records to meet targets.

Tesco trial collapses after two executives cleared in UK

Tesco's shares lost 12% in a day when the company admitted in September 2014 that it had overstated its profits.

Tesco profit hit by weak sales in Europe and Asia

The company said it had relaunched 5,038 of 10,000 own brand products and attracted more than 189,500 new customers.

Retrial of ex-Tesco executives accused of fraud to begin this week

According to the indictment, Bush and Scouler concealed Tesco's true financial position from its auditors and other employees between Feb 1, 2014 and Sept 23, 2014.

Britain’s Tesco takes on discount rivals with launch of Jack’s

The retailer said Jack's stores would be a mixture of entirely new sites, sites adjacent to existing stores and a small number of converted Tesco stores.

Carrefour, Tesco seal purchasing deal

The purchasing tie-up with Tesco should help Carrefour in its bid to raise the percentage of own-brand goods on its shelves from around a quarter currently to one-third.

More needy people to get excess food from hypermarkets

Domestic trade and consumer affairs ministry says several state governments are receptive to expanding the food scheme to help the needy, which started in Penang.

This rat forced Tesco to close for 3 days

Facebook user alerts authorities and hypermarket locks down store for massive clean-up.

Retailers Carrefour, Tesco join forces in strategic alliance

The deal is the latest partnership within the European retail industry, which has seen US internet giant Amazon make in-roads into the sector in recent months.

Tesco tests checkout-free shopping

Tesco is trialling a checkout-free payment method in which customers scan products on their mobile devices.

Tesco ramps up pressure on rivals as turnaround progresses

Tesco’s grocery home-shopping business performed strongly, with transactions and basket sizes growing during the quarter, the company said.

With ‘unforgettable bag’, Tesco pays shoppers to cut plastic waste

The bag, which gets customers a 20 sen rebate each time it is used, is made from a recyclable plastic that is more durable than conventional plastic bags.

Mencuri: Suri rumah dipenjara 5 hari, denda RM1,000

Tertuduh mencuri pelbagai barang termasuk 35 pasang pakaian kanak-kanak bernilai lebih RM1,200 di Pasaraya Tesco.

3 kakitangan pasar raya ditahan jual mercun, bunga api

Tiga lelaki yang berperanan sebagai pengurus besar, penjaga stor dan jurujual pasar raya itu ditahan dan pelbagai jenis mercun dan bunga api dianggarkan bernilai RM50,000 turut dirampas.

Kami ada permit jual mercun dan bunga api, kata Tesco

Tesco berkata, ia mematuhi semua peraturan dan mercun serta bunga api itu diambil daripada pembekal sah yang mempunyai permit Kementerian Dalam Negeri dan polis.

CAP slams lack of child-resistant caps in Tesco product

CAP President S M Mohamed Idris claims the company seems to accord Malaysian children a lower standard of care.