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Tag: Tesla

Farting Teslas on the horizon, says CEO

Elon Musk tweets announcement of customisable sounds for vehicles.

US judge rules Tesla broke labour law

Elon Musk sent out tweet ‘threatening employees’ with loss of stock option if they voted in favour of a union.

Grab is facing off against Tesla taxis in Indonesia

Indonesia’s largest cab company plans to focus on electric vehicles to cut fleet ownership costs and improve efficiency using data.

Musk’s China charm offensive nets Tesla tax break amid trade war

China announced Tesla cars will be exempted from a 10% purchase tax, something typically reserved for domestic makers of electric vehicles.

Tesla batteries keep Zimbabwe’s economy running

Amid power outages, Zimbabwe’s biggest mobile-phone operator is turning to Tesla for batteries that can keep its base stations running.

Tesla raises prices in China as trade tensions weigh on yuan

Tesla is among automakers most affected by the US-China trade tensions, because it has no local production yet and gets directly hit by any tariff increases.

Audience left disappointed by Musk and Ma’s ‘safe’ discussion

Speculation was rife that Elon Musk and Jack Ma could use the podium to talk about issues such as the US-China trade frictions.

Tesla to raise prices in China earlier than planned

Tesla is expected to raise car prices in China this week, a response to the trade war that weighs on the country’s currency and threatens to lead to higher import tariffs.

Tesla agrees to buy batteries from LG for China factory

Batteries made by LG Chem will be used initially in Model 3 cars manufactured at Tesla’s plant near Shanghai.

Volkswagen not interested in buying Tesla stake

The speculation about buying a stake in Tesla is without merit, a Volkswagen spokesman says.

Singapore says Musk’s electric cars are about ‘lifestyle’ not climate

Singapore is much more interested in a proper solution that will address climate problems.

Walmart’s fire suit may ‘spook’ solar customers Tesla wants

The suit marks another high-profile headache for Tesla’s solar unit, which has lost much of its market share as it repeatedly rejiggers its strategy.

Walmart sues Tesla over fires linked to rooftop solar panel systems

Walmart wants Tesla declared in breach of contract and is also seeking damages in connection with the fires.

Elon Musk’s ‘Starman’ makes its first complete orbit around the Sun

At the time of orbit completion, Starman and his Roadster had reportedly travelled over 1.22 billion kilometres.

Tesla to launch solar roof business in Europe next year

Tesla says customers can save up to US$500 a year in utility bills with their solar panels.

Tesla electric car bursts into flames after hitting tow truck in...

The truck driver and his children were injured in the crash but escaped from the vehicle before it was destroyed by the fire, Russian media reports.

Tesla scrutinised by US agency over Model 3 safety claims

The NHTSA says Tesla claims on the Model 3’s safety rating is inconsistent with its advertising guidelines.

Tesla to pay China US$323 mil a year in tax for...

The US company must also spend US$2 billion in capital expenditure on the plant over the next five years.

Tesla cars may stream Netflix, YouTube, says CEO

Tesla's Elon Musk says cars users would be able to stream Netflix and YouTube in just about a few months.

Asian markets tumble after disappointing US earnings

Strong American economic data, including Thursday's report showing an increase in durable goods sales in June, has investors fearing a less dovish Federal Reserve announcement.

Tesla slumps on profit doubts, co-founder’s surprise retreat

Despite delivering a record number of vehicles in the second quarter, Tesla lost US$1.12 a share, a bigger deficit than any analyst projected.

Tesla drops cheapest variants, cuts prices to simplify lineup

The discontinuation of the standard-range variants, however, means a rise in starting prices for the Model x and Model S.

Tesla tells employees it’s preparing to increase production

Tesla Inc is getting ready to increase electric-vehicle production, according to an internal email, after achieving record deliveries in the second quarter.

Musk seeking record Tesla deliveries could be double-edged sword

Analysts’ fear is that even if Tesla does show marked improvement in deliveries this quarter, Elon Musk will achieve this at the expense of profitability.