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Tag: Thai economy

Thai economy’s growth weakest since 2014 as trade war, baht bite

Thailand’s trade-reliant economy has been hit by slumping exports, a surging currency and cooling tourist arrivals.

Export-led Thailand to unveil stimulus as trade war hurts growth

The planned stimulus package is worth less than 100 billion baht and will help farmers while also boosting investment, tourism and consumption, says Thailand's Finance Minister.

Thailand says slowing economy dims outlook for minimum-wage hike

About 4 million Thais live on minimum wages, prompting business lobbies to call for delays in any increase as poor economic conditions are already pressuring companies.

Thailand seeks more research outlay to escape middle-income trap

Growth in Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy lags behind its neighbours, highlighting the need for innovation to deliver new engines of expansion.

Thailand shies away from rate cut in tussle with mighty baht

The bank plans to ease rules on money outflows by giving more flexibility for portfolio investment by Thai investors.