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Elderly Buddhist couple shot dead in Thailand

The latest incident comes in Narathiwat province, as rebels and security forces wrestle for control of the area.

Thai goalkeeper thanks Lloyd for reaching out after thrashing

Although Thailand lost the World Cup match against the United States, Carli Lloyd steps up to offer words of encouragement to Sukanya Chor Charoenying.

Thailand charges crew of stranded Rohingya boat

The Rohingya are being cared for while authorities try to determine if they are victims of human trafficking.

Morgan scores 5, as the US demolished Thailand

Morgan says the defending champions wants to showcase their ability and what they have been working on going into this tournament.

Some lessons for Malaysia from our northern neighbour

For the sake of future generations, PH leaders should be brave enough to put a stop to the political degradation.

Songkla: Lelaki dipercayai pengedar dadah mati ditembak

Menurut sumber tentera, suspek pernah ditahan polis kerana terlibat dalam kegiatan penyalahgunaan dadah tahun lepas.

Risk of pig carnage isn’t scaring this US$3 billion pork producer

Thailand produces more than 2 million hogs annually and exports about 40% of its live hogs to neighbouring countries.

Petronas set to supply Thailand’s power utility its first LNG...

Petronas was selected out of 12 short-listed companies.

Prayuth kekal perdana menteri Thailand

Undian menyaksikan kesemua 250 senator yang dilantik, kebanyakannya anggota tentera dan polis. mengundi Prayuth sebagai perdana menteri.

Parliament confirms Thai coup leader Prayuth as prime minister

Thailand's General Prayuth Chan-ocha becomes civilian prime minister, five years after he seized power from an elected government while he was army chief.

Junta leader favoured as Thai parliament convenes to vote for new...

Both houses of Thailand's parliament convene for the first time since a 2014 coup to choose either the ruling junta leader or a rising opposition star to be the next prime minister.

Activist: Thailand needs neighbours’ help to crack down on slavery at...

Thailand's crackdown on exploitation and slavery will only succeed if its neighbours step up and adopt anti-trafficking laws, said a labour rights activist.

Thai opposition alliance to nominate Thanathorn as PM

The scheduled vote for a new prime minister comes five years after junta head Prayuth Chan-ocha seized power from an elected government in 2014.

Teka-teki PM baru Thailand dijangka terungkai 5 Jun depan

2 parti pro-junta, iaitu PPRP dan demokratik bertungkus-lumus membentuk sebuah kerajaan baru selepas lebih 2 bulan keputusan pilihan raya yang tidak menyakinkan

Why a political feud could add to Thailand’s slowdown

Thailand still doesn’t have a new government in place following March’s divisive election, and the delay is pushing out the timeline for big infrastructure projects just as the economy slows down.

Wat Uttamaram: Fascinating Thai Buddhist temple in Pasir Mas

There are around 20 structures in the temple’s compound including stupas, pavilions, halls, chief monk’s residence, a crematorium and pagodas.

2 dead, 14 injured in Pattani Ramadan market bomb blast

Police are hunting down the perpetrators.

Thailand’s pro-army party invites opponents to join new govt

If the two parties join the Democratic Front, it will give the pro-army coalition a slim majority in the House of Representatives.

Thailand’s unmatched powerbroker Prem Tinsulanonda dies aged 98

Prem is hailed as a stabilising force by allies but loathed by critics as a conservative underminer of democracy in the kingdom.

Penduduk gempar UFO terbang di langit Phuket

Video pendek berdurasi 54 saat menyaksikan orang ramai dilihat berhenti di tepi jalan untuk melihat sendiri fenomena pembentukan awan merah disebalik kilat sambar-menyambar.

Thai anti-junta leader says ‘no giving up’ on forming next government

Results showed Palang Pracharat winning 115 seats in the 500-member lower House of Representatives.

Thailand’s LGBT+ lawmakers force parliament dress-code rethink

Thailand's four new LGBT+ members of parliament have prompted the house to relax its gender-based dress code, in a small victory for the ground-breaking politicians who have vowed to push for greater LGBT+ rights in the country.

Malaysia hantar pulang wanita Thai anti-raja berstatus pelarian

Praphan Pipithamporn adalah pencari suaka yang berdaftar dengan UNHCR, tetapi ditahan oleh polis Malaysia atas permintaan Thailand dan dihantar pulang minggu lepas.

Malaysia deports anti-monarchy Thai woman despite UNHCR refugee status

Praphan Pipithnamporn fled to Malaysia early this year after she was accused of sedition for her republican views.