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Tag: Thaksin Shinawatra

Serbia grants citizenship to Thailand’s fugitive ex-PM

The Serbian government cites a legal provision that 'a foreign citizen can also be granted citizenship if that is in line with the country's interests.'

Ex-leader Thaksin calls for fair Thailand laws to avert conflict

Thaksin hasn’t set foot in Thailand since he was convicted for corruption in a case brought after the 2006 coup that ousted him.

Thai King strips ex-premier Thaksin of royal decorations

King Maha Vajiralongkorn stripped Thaksin Shinawatra of his royal decorations for fleeing the country in 2008 after he was ousted in a 2006 coup.

In Thailand’s ‘red shirt’ north, Thaksin’s grip slowly loosens

Last week's election has set the scene for protracted political deadlock because no one party won the majority of parliamentary seats required to rule.

Former PM Thaksin says Thai election ‘rigged’ and marred by ‘irregularities’

Thaksin Shinawatra claims election irregularities in Thai elections to ensure the military junta remain their political grip.

Thailand bans alcohol as 51 million voters prepare for election

The contest between these dominant forces is expected to play out again in Sunday’s election.

Risk of political disarray stalks Thai economy as election nears

Unsettled foreign investors have already pulled out a net US$700 million from Thai stock and bond markets so far this year amid the political intrigue.

Martial democracy? Some Thais prefer coup-maker for PM

Pro-military parties have a built-in advantage under new electoral rules written by the junta.

Shinawatra parties rally across Thailand as crucial court ruling looms

Public gatherings took place across the country, including in the Chiang Mai hometown of divisive billionaire ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

Thai court to hear case against party behind princess political bid

Thai Raksa Chart's move to bring in Princess Ubolratana for premier is a shocking move, bringing Thai royalty to frontline politics for the first time since the 1932 establishment of a constitutional monarchy.

Thai election commission moves to dissolve party linked to princess

Thai Raksa Chart party faces repercussions after attempting to field princess as their candidate for PM.

Thai party ousted in 2014 coup picks Thaksin loyalist for PM...

Veteran politician Sudarat, 57, is a longtime Thaksin ally who helped found his now-defunct Thai Rak Thai Party.

Son of Thailand’s ex-PM Thaksin faces money laundering indictment

His sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, overthrown as prime minister in 2014, fled Thailand in August last year to avoid conviction in a criminal negligence case she said was politically motivated.

Toppled PM blames Thai junta for making country worse

The Shinawatra clan - a wealthy and powerful family - has won every election since 2001 through populist platforms and welfare schemes that have angered Bangkok's military-aligned elite.

Thai junta says ‘not concerned’ about ousted PM Thaksin’s Asia tour

Thaksin and Yingluck Shinawatra have recently visited several Asian cities.

Thai junta says ‘not concerned’ about ousted PM Thaksin’s Asia tour

They say that monitoring those who have an arrest warrant is not under their jurisdiction and is the job of different agencies.

Thai ex-PM Thaksin calls for party unity ahead of promised election

Thaksin Shinawatra told the members of the Pheu Thai Party that unity within the party would be vital during the next election.

Thailand seeks to prosecute ousted PM Thaksin in absentia in two...

The former telecommunications tycoon was ousted in a 2006 coup and has since lived in self-imposed exile to avoid a graft conviction in 2008 he says was politically motivated.

Thaksin’s son calls for an end to Thai money-laundering probe

Supporters of the Shinawatras say the legal action is the latest step by authorities in junta-ruled Thailand to squeeze the Shinawatras out of political life and blunt the family’s influence.

Thai junta leader confirms fugitive former PM Yingluck is in Dubai

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-O-Cha, the army chief who led the coup, said Thailand would pursue Yingluck through diplomatic channels and police cooperation using Interpol.

Thai junta chief ‘knows’ but won’t reveal fugitive Yingluck’s location

Yingluck, whose government was toppled in a 2014 coup, pulled her vanishing act shortly before a Supreme Court verdict scheduled for August 25.

Whereabouts of former Thai PM Yingluck unknown, says defense minister

Critics are now asking how a person under close scrutiny by security forces could leave the country without being noticed.

Tearful former Thai PM Yingluck says she was never dishonest

Yingluck argued the rice scheme, which backfired costing Thailand US$8 billion, benefited average Thais.

Roses, tears as Thai ex-PM Yingluck enters final stage of case

Her supporters say the case is driven by the junta that booted her from office in 2014 and is determined to expunge her super-rich clan from Thailand's political scene.